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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

JSOC’s first annual ball is a success

Georgia Davies reviews the first JSOC Ball.

Spotlight on art with ‘Ours’ exhibit

'Ours' was a striking first event for the recently founded charitable initiative Capture Collective, featuring art of Scottish scenes and by Scottish artists in...

May Dip vs May Ball: how to survive and thrive

Elischke de Villiers discusses the pros and cons of April 30th.

House of Horror shows promise

I am of the firm belief that Halloween is truly a special time of the year. Not only do you get to see how...

Reeling Ball

Our very own sport editor Andrew McQuillan takes on the annual white tie Reeling Ball. He had a reely good time, but what did you think?

Champar Society: champagne for the…pain?

The Saint gives an exclusive look into Champar's event: "a night to forget, if not already-forgotten"

The Other Guys: Our Leavers’ Concert: The Parting Glass Review

Ever since I first applied to St. Andrews, I had heard about ‘The Other Guys'. Eleven handsome eligible bachelors have been bringing unseen amounts...

ELAGA: Passionate People or Pretentious Party?

In the depths of last Semester St Andrews found itself in a lull, as deadlines and the ever decreasing amount of daylight started to make the...

Freshers’ Week 2014: Fridays @ The Union

What to expect from the sixth night of Freshers’ 2014

Opening Ball: Kate Kennedy Club stuns returner and Fresher alike

The Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball signified another sensational start to the year. Ostentatious as ever, this year’s ball exceeded all expectations, and was host...