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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

House of Horror brings the spooky thrills

Sarah John reviews House of Horror 2016.

Re:fashion’s second event outshines its first

Stephanie Irwin reviews Re:fashion, St Andrew's unique clothing fair, dedicated to sustainable shopping.

Heat rolls into the new year

Natasha Franks previews Heat, whose upcoming event at The Rule is set to be a scorching night.

On the Rocks: Launch event review

On the Rocks is now, according to its promotional material, the UK’s largest student-run arts festival: it’s become something of a St Andrews institution,...

Shining our way from Glitterball to home

Crowds of people flocking to the Old Course caked in glitter eyeshadow, hair enriched with sparkles and layers upon layers of sequins can only...

The Kate Kennedy Club sends us off in style

As its name suggests, the Kate Kennedy Club is an organisation founded in 1926 that seeks to maintain town and gown relations, support local...

The DONT WALK experiment is a success

George Wilder reviews DONT WALK 2017.

Itchy Feet

The promise of “an evening of shivering, shaking, sipping, swapping, snapping, swinging and swigging like none other”

Lumsden Women Score a Win for St Andrews

I always thought reviewing would take me to some interesting places and St Andrews has left me far from disappointed, offering everything from drag...

St Andrews Got Talent

Let’s be honest – there’s little else more hit-or-miss than a talent show. It is a gargantuan pain in the ass to organise, precisely...