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Saint Andrews
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Location, location, location

Elischke de Villiers weighs the pros and cons of event venues in St Andrews.

“Our Union”? Or just a last resort?

George Wilder muses on the common view of the Union.

Were FS refunds justified?

Natasha Franks critiques the refunders.

My best night of first semester: a fresher’s perspective

What makes for an amazing night out in St. Andrews? Is it the uniqueness of the event? The popularity of it? Is it the...

Bursting the Bubble: Kinky Boots

Being at home in London for Christmas is the perfect time to catch up on culture: be a tourist in your own city, pub...

Refresh Refreshers: A Fourth Year Plea

See, call me nostalgic but I really like the idea of refreshers, particularly at the Union. The reintroduction to various societies and sports teams,...

In Defence of Ticket Prices

Ticket prices. People always complain about ticket prices in this town. They complain about the cost of tickets. Once there, they spend more time...