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Monday, December 9, 2019

Dinner in the dark

‘Darkness can make you see in a new light,’ but not always the light you expect

The Secret Garden Party: ‘Out of a fairy-tale’

Airashi Duratta reviews The Lumsden Club's Fairytale esque second annual Secret Garden Party and finds it to be a great success.

JSOC’s first annual ball is a success

Georgia Davies reviews the first JSOC Ball.

Masque-Rave underwhelms after hasty rebranding

Brianna Paterson reviews the Charities Campaign's Masque-Rave, an underwhelming follow-up to last year's Ball.

Szentek wishes us a happy April Fool’s

Just a few months ago, Szentek’s ruin bar experience surprised everyone in St Andrews, breaking the rules of the typical event with a fresh,...

600 Minutes of Swing

This weekend, I was sent to review one of the many events that made up the 600th Anniversary celebrations. I’ve been following the build-up to...

601 Live: a cappella, Fickle Friends, and more

"601 Live proved that the new Club 601 can be everything: dancefloor, bar, and concert venue": The Saint reviews last night's Union event.

Jedward x Azeem: “they were actually surprisingly good”

Roisin Wherry reviews Tuesday's Union event.

The Vic wishes us a sweet Summer Sixteen

Natasha Franks reviews Summer Sixteen, one of our final Vic nights of the school year.

A Cappella Christmas Concert in Review: St Andrews’ Best Take the...

Stripper Santa graced Younger Hall this Wednesday at the annual St Andrews A Cappella Society Christmas Concert, featuring six a cappella groups. Lottie Garton gives her highlights of the magical evening...