6.4 C
Saint Andrews
Sunday, February 23, 2020

House of Horror

House of Horror - enough to give you nightmares or fright night galore?

Black History Month: Honouring the past, inspiring the future

An event to “create a platform to share issues and experiences that do exist around black and ethnic minorities in the UK and to bring them to the fore”

Bongo Ball 2013

Alison Hutchison takes on Bongo Ball 2013. With animal onesies and painted faces body-pumping alongside dinner jackets and LBDs, what's not to love?

Serene and satisfying: Meursault review

Stepping out of the cold St Andrews chill and into the quiet enclave of the Union foyer, I was unsure of what to expect....

Ambassadors Ball 2013

I've been excited for this event ever since I interviewed the ball convenor last week. She was really keen for the ball to serve...

Dinner in the dark

‘Darkness can make you see in a new light,’ but not always the light you expect

The Postgraduate Society Gala

For sensitive student pockets, £25 seemed a reasonable trade for three courses and an evening's entertainment

Carnegie Club’s IDEAS Conference

Ultimately, this event was an excellent way to meet new people and learn about different issues

Opening Ball 2013

Everyone knows that the KKC know how to throw a party. It's just a shame that their presence tends to ruin it

This House Believes…

“This House Believes Britain Should Abolish Its Nuclear Weapons” was another debate full of exciting speeches and top-notch speakers