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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

SENSE: a start-up to impress all five senses

Sarah John reviews SENSE, a multi-media art gallery.

Star Ball

The annual collaboration between Astro Soc, SUMS and Quantum Soc took place in the Scores Hotel last Wednesday. Last year, a friend convinced me...

Black History Month: Honouring the past, inspiring the future

An event to “create a platform to share issues and experiences that do exist around black and ethnic minorities in the UK and to bring them to the fore”

Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: outdated?

"A typical KKC event": Kristen Tsubota reviews this year's May Ball.

Label Fashion Show strives to make its mark

St Andrews’ latest catwalk experience brings something new and uniquely inclusive to the runway

Christmas Gala Reviewed: festive song and dance to kick start the...

It's Christmas in November- or the universities many singing and performance groups would like us to think so. Tim Canter and Alex Miller satirically muse on The Christmas Gala...

A Disappointing Start to the Year

My Opening Ball experience began with every man’s worst nightmare. Having located, washed, and ironed everything I needed to make myself look somewhat presentable...

Carnegie Club’s IDEAS Conference

Ultimately, this event was an excellent way to meet new people and learn about different issues

This house suggests Voldemort was misunderstood

From toy wands to interjections of "Silencio!", last week's UDS debate was a light-hearted examination of empathy for Voldemort in the wizarding world.

Refreshers’ 2015: Sinners

With the closure of Venue 1, St Andrews students held a fair amount of skepticism about the Union’s ability to maintain its nightlife. However,...