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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Was Welly Ball worth the price?

Natasha Franks reviews Welly Ball, held this past Saturday at Kinkell Byre.

Review: St Andrews’ First Burlesque Show

Post exam diet and with the passing of the holiday season, it seems fitting to finally review one of St Andrews’ more controversial events...

Welly Ball: Is Bigger Always Better?

‘So it’s a ball?’   ‘Yes’   ‘Another one?’   ‘Yes’   ‘But with Wellies?’   ‘Yes’   With this I had reduced yet another of my home friends to dazed confusion over the events culture...

Sitara* 2018: ‘An Unforgettable Night’

Sitara* promised St Andrews an unforgettable night. With their preview shows, cocktail nights and extensive pre-show coverage, it was hard not to expect the...

Club 601: “the Union has done the impossible”

Jean Summers reviews the Union's new club, "601".

“You can’t sit with us”: a story of exclusivity

Elischke de Villiers discusses invitation-only tickets, "random" table ballots, and VVIP seating.

DRAFP Ball earns infamous reputation

Where to start with “The Infamous DRAFP Ball”? How about the most obvious change from previous years: the name of the event. Why is...

Learning about Port – It’s not just an old man’s drink

Port is a very niche drink – while I’d had it a few times in the past at dinners to me it always seemed...

Dominion: Not for the faint of heart (or stomach)

The Saint's Events editor, Alexandra Sicot-Koontz reviews the Sustainable Development Society's screening of Dominion, a gruelling indictment of the meat industry.

St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament triumphs in the summer sun

Bri Paterson: Deputy events editor Picture this: the sun is out and shining, the air is cool and crisp,  you’ve got a glass of champagne...