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Friday, November 15, 2019

TEDx: prepare to be inspired

Tamar Ziff gets the lowdown on the much anticipated TEDx Conference 2014...

Hot Dub Time Machine gets revellers hot and sweaty

Roisin Wherry gives her views on what one student described as "the best night in the Union that'd they'd ever had"...

Christmas Single Launch Party!

Already getting excited about Christmas? Us too…

A fresher’s memories of Raisin

George Wilder recaps his first Raisin Weekend.

Christmas Ball reviewed: final fete of the year delivers

Vicky Firth reviews her first Kinkell ball and the Events team give their thoughts on the hottest ticket of the semester.

Management ft. Alexander McQueen

Sarah John recaps the Management Society's latest speaker event.

INTO the Jungle

This past Wednesday VS, in partnership with the Oxfam society, hosted their second main event of the year and they did not fail in...

The top eight things to do in weeks one and two

Secret Garden Party Little is known about the Lumsden Club’s inaugural September event, the Secret Garden Party, except that it’s being held at the Craigsanquhar...

Bursting the Bubble: the truth about events

As I unlocked my ice cold flat after a month away, visions of a new semester and new experiences started whizzing through my mind,...

White Tie Reeling Ball raises the bar

Natasha Franks reviews this semester's white tie reeling ball.