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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Graduation Ball: out with a bang!

"A fitting goodbye to life in the bubble": Rachael Miller reviews this year's graduation ball.

Freshers’ Week 2014: Clan Warfare

What to expect from the second night of Freshers' 2014

White Tie Reeling brings fun back to The Bubble

The Semester was wearing on; you could tell it in the air. The usually dormant cold of the library was now oppressively warm, the...

Freshers’ Week 2014: Fridays @ The Union

What to expect from the sixth night of Freshers’ 2014

600 Minutes of Swing

Swing Dance Society has been working hard this semester to promote its largest event, 600 Minutes of Swing. In the lead up, I managed...

“An event for everyone”: CROSSWALK 2014

Alison Hutchison explains what you can expect from DONT WALK's brand new event, the “weird and wonderful” CROSSWALK

RAG Week 2016: Discover this year’s round of events

Coming on the heels of Refreshers Week, RAG Week is the Charities Campaign’s magnum opus. Over the course of seven days, a number of...

Welly Ball: Is Bigger Always Better?

‘So it’s a ball?’   ‘Yes’   ‘Another one?’   ‘Yes’   ‘But with Wellies?’   ‘Yes’   With this I had reduced yet another of my home friends to dazed confusion over the events culture...

Freshers’ Week 2014: Ceilidh!

What can you look forward to from the fifth night of Freshers’ 2014?

Revision Week Premieres: Filmmakers’ Society Showcase

Even in revision week, St Andrews students have found time to produce and unveil their works of art. Filmmaker’s Society founder Terry Lee explained...