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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Gaudie Celebrates St Andrews’ Most Heroic Alumni Once Again

There are a great many words that I would choose to describe students at St Andrews. However, not all of them right for publication...

Reeling Ball

Our very own sport editor Andrew McQuillan takes on the annual white tie Reeling Ball. He had a reely good time, but what did you think?

Gaudie 2016: the Kate Kennedy Club lights the way to May...

Natasha Franks shares the history of the Gaudie, one of St Andrews' most cherished traditions.

Club 601: “the Union has done the impossible”

Jean Summers reviews the Union's new club, "601".

Classic meets classy at The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball

Natasha Franks previews Opening Ball, the first black tie event of the year.

Sitara Model Launch showcases the ‘Fashion of the Future’

I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be walking into when I heard about the Sitara Model Launch. All I had heard about the...

An experiential review of the Medieval Lammas Market

Alex Taylor takes a look at the historical St Andrews funfair and talks to the people who make it run year after year.

Review: May Ball 2018

May Ball is certainly one of the most complex and compelling balls that the university puts on. Not only is it a fun event...

Milton Jones

Milton Jones was in St Andrews for one night only. Rachel Gillespie and Roisin Wherry review

The Other Guys: Our Leavers’ Concert: The Parting Glass Review

Ever since I first applied to St. Andrews, I had heard about ‘The Other Guys'. Eleven handsome eligible bachelors have been bringing unseen amounts...