Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Did you make it to The Rule last Thursday?
Sarah John reviews the annual Women in Business Forum.
Emily Lomax reviews Glitterball 2017.
George Wilder reviews DONT WALK 2017.
Sarah John encourages us to step outside of the box.
Natasha Franks critiques the refunders.
The survey results were startling.
Emily Lomax previews the newest event to hit St Andrews.
Natasha Franks previews St Patrick's Day at the Rule.

DRAFP ball

Being a lowly fresher who had never been to a hall ball, I was attacked by shouts of “DRA BALL BEST BALL” by past attendees. Having been hyped up, I entered the marquee with high expectations. And boy, did the ball meet them. The sultry pink and red hues that misted Lower College Lawn during DRA’s 7 Deadly Sins...