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Private accommodation students’ biggest concern as campaigning begins

In a poll conducted on The Saint’s website, 116 of 188 participants (62 per cent) responded that the cost and availability of private accommodation was...

Students’ Association elections 2014: sabbatical debate liveblog

The Saint's liveblog and live video stream of the sabbatical debate for the 2014 Students' Association elections

Manifesto analysis: Andrew Van Kralingen, candidate for AU president

Read our interview with Mr Van Kralingen here. Anyone who knows Andrew Van Kralingen, VK to his friends, knows that one of his great assets...

Interview: Lewis Harding, candidate for director of events and services

The director of events and services is responsible for managing student input regarding bar and entertainment services at the Union, and is involved in...

Manifesto analysis: Noah Ohringer, candidate for Association president

Read our interview with Mr Ohringer here. Having initially nominated himself for the position of director of representation, Noah Ohringer is now running for the...

Nominations open for Students’ Association elections 2014

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Campaign videos: Elections 2014

The latest selection of campaign videos from across this year's elections

Start-up success in only 52 hours

The inaugural Start-up St Andrews event took place earlier this month. Start-up is a 52 hour challenge, which has been described as Dragon’s Den meets The Apprentice.

Report card: Jess Walker, AU president

Last year, in what was a fairly vigorous and obvious campaign online and across town, the ubiquitous slogan in the race for the role...

Interview: Jeremy Hipps, candidate for AU president

Read our analysis of Mr Hipps' manifesto here. What is your history sports-wise up until now? What committees have you been on? I’ve done the Badminton...