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DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should we legalise weed?

Nick Cassela and Emma Hinds debates the issue of legalizing cannabis

That Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling

Jack Bunburry drinks and writes

Literature for MEN

J.H. Ramsay pumps testosterone into your library

The Power of LOL

Emma Hinds diagnoses laughter for your political worries

This Is Halloween

Lucy Keen analyzes a treasured international holiday

We’re Still Here

By Hillevi Gustafson For years the newspaper industry has been immersed in the morbid discussion on whether or not it will survive the coming of the Internet Age. The fact that this is printed on paper, and most likely read in print, should be enough proof that newspapers are still alive and kicking. We all know that’s wishful thinking. Last week...

Website Frustration

Sophie Franklin sinks her claws into our university’s website

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should the pope be arrested?

Yes JH Ramsay I’m going to stick with the facts here, and let the argument form itself. I’m not going to try to persuade you, I’m just going to hope that there’s some logic operating in your brain somewhere. Here’s the evidence. Decide for yourself the appropriate verdict. Pope Benedict XVI is a criminal by international standards. As a Cardinal at the...

Pigeons and mollycoddling

Rebecca Quin expects more from our esteemed university

Generation Y bother?

Nicolas Cassella laments the lethargy of our age