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The Shibboleth: HMO Hell

The most recent row over the future of HMO licenses in the centre of town is just another example of the strained town-and-gown relations here in St Andrews. The Saint first reported in November the potential of Fife Council limiting the number of HMO licences that could be issued. The Union recently published information on how this could potentially affect...

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Are Christmas lights ethical?

Nick Cassella and Lucy Keen debate the ethics behind this sign of festive cheer

Balancing on an edge

Laura Scott sits on the fulcrum between freedom of speech and national security

Student protests revisited

Lewis Camley defends his fellow students

To reboot, or not to reboot?

Jessica Brennan on Hollywood’s creative recycling

A demand for legitimate charities

Emma Hinds on the nature of giving

Jack Attack

Editor’s Note: we recieved this letter as a response to Mr Bunbury’s latest article, and decided to publish it in its entirety due to the quality of the rebuttal and the fact that Mr Bunbury has failed to submit an article this week. Perhaps he is still in hiding, or is dead, after last issue’s rant. We had no idea anyone would be even moderately upset by Mr. Bunbury’s article. Sincerest Apologies.


By Hillevi Gustafson Going to lectures as a sub-honours art student at this university is mostly pointless. You are a nameless, faceless member of a crowd. Most of the information can just as easily be found in books or journals. So why should we bother? This issue of Viewpoint has received countless submissions dealing with the prospect of higher tuition fees...

Christmas indecision

By Nina Zietman For the first time in my life, I don’t know what I want for Christmas. When I was younger, I always placed ‘A Dog’ at the top of my list to Father Christmas, alongside a remote control car (I’d seen Home Alone 3 one too many times) and The Beano Annual. This might seem a bit of...

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Should sex sell?

Sarah Whaley and Emma Hinds discuss sex in advertising