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One word justifies the rights of every journalist, provoked every war in recent history, and every peace treaty. One single word allows this student newspaper to publish edgy articles by Jack Bunburry. One word tipped the first domino of democracy in Tunisia. It even became a title for a Jonathan Franzen novel. And yet, strangely, the word doesn’t seem...

Jack Bunburry Talks To You, Not With You

I will never have an interesting or fulfilling conversation with another human being. This is not my fault, it is everyone else’s. The fact that all of my conversations amount to pointless drivel is not a reflection on me. It is a reflection on everyone with whom I have attempted to engage. It makes no difference who I try to...

Egyptian Riots – Tense Time For Israel

"The sun will rise on a more beautiful Egypt,” were the words of one Egyptian as he celebrated the end of Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year reign in government. As the Egyptian army is given control of the state, it is uncertain as to who or what the future of Egyptian politics will be. Although I support the Egyptian peoples success...

Devil’s Advocate: Do grades represent intelligence?

Yes When considering the question of whether or not grades reflect intelligence there are several spheres of inquiry which must be eliminated. One may have a genius who due to his birth, upbringing or circumstances beyond his control did not go to a school that enabled him to achieve academically; yet the opportunity and exclusivity of our education system is...

The Shibboleth: HMO Hell

The most recent row over the future of HMO licenses in the centre of town is just another example of the strained town-and-gown relations here in St Andrews. The Saint first reported in November the potential of Fife Council limiting the number of HMO licences that could be issued. The Union recently published information on how this could potentially affect...

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Are Christmas lights ethical?

Nick Cassella and Lucy Keen debate the ethics behind this sign of festive cheer

Balancing on an edge

Laura Scott sits on the fulcrum between freedom of speech and national security

Student protests revisited

Lewis Camley defends his fellow students

To reboot, or not to reboot?

Jessica Brennan on Hollywood’s creative recycling

A demand for legitimate charities

Emma Hinds on the nature of giving