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It’s now the time for a People’s Vote

73 per cent of under-25s voted for Remain in the referendum. If you’re in first and second year, you probably didn’t get a vote and are having to observe an inept government pull us out of Europe, despite the fact that you had no say. That’s why you should support a People's Vote on the final outcome of the...

Are Tattoos Professional?

Kaitlin Shaw, Archie Batra YES Tattoos – often something your mother does not want to see pop up on your skin over the years. Permanently inking various designs onto your body is sometimes seen as controversial but, with the changing winds of our millennial era and a larger acceptance of self-expression, I believe it’s time to shake off the prejudice surrounding tattoos and starting seeing people for people – i.e....

Why is it SO hard being posh?

champagne being poured
Archie Batra humorously shares the moment he realised and accepted that he was "posh".

Marijuana – Should We Legalise It?

As more countries begin to legalize recreational use of the popular substance, Linus Erbach makes a case for the UK following suit.

St Andrews and Home

Jurin K. Flores explores what it means to be an international student so far from home in St Andrews, and possible ways to reconnect with home

It’s Never too Late to Make Friends

Is making new friends a territory only for first years? How can you approach this as an older student? Annie Smith explores some ideas to help you reach out to new people

Death by STEM? science vs the arts

Victoria Whitton shares the importance of arts alongside the world of STEM.

MIND: Undiagnosed Mental Illness – Do We Need Labels?

Kaitlin Shaw articulates why labels may be implemented in mental health, and what effect this has on those using and seeking them.

Transition and University

Moving  to St  Andrews  from home  and  home to  St  Andrews is  always  something of  an  ordeal for  me  despite the  fact  I am  now  entering my  third  year and,  really,  it’s old  news;  I’ve done  it  countless times  before.  It  isn’t  even that  I  prefer to  be  in one  place  over the  other,  I love  my  home and  St  Andrews life  equally,  but in  completely  different ways  and  for different  reasons.    This detrimental  relationship with  transition  is  all  tied up  with  mental health  for ...

Goodbye, my sweet Whey Pat

At the risk of sounding like the old, gammon-faced codger my mother often accuses me of  being, I preferred the old Whey Pat. For me, there was something comfortingly familiar  about the torn leather seating, the broken board games, and dog-eared quiz books  (that probably hadn’t even seen the collapse of the Berlin Wall). I liked the battered dart  board, the dangerous allure of the grubby fruit machines and, of course, the  most reasonably priced pint of Guinness in town. These, I think, are the trappings...