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In defence of exams

Quan Nguyen (a fellow philosophy PhD student) made a case for why exams in humanities should be "abolished and replaced by alternative assessments". Not only do I disagree with his strong conclusion but I think he glossed over some important objections to his arguments. Quan made two sorts of arguments: 1) Exams fail at their stated purpose and 2)...

The Trump-Kim summit – should we be impressed?

On Tuesday 12 June, President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un met for an unprecedented summit in Singapore. With the eyes of the world watching, Trump and Kim sat down to discuss US-DPRK relations, peace for the Koreas, as well as the denuclearisation of the peninsula, implying Kim Jong-un’s commitment to complete nuclear disarmament. Unsurprisingly, the Trump administration was...

The Wonders of the Library

The wonders of the library

Should streamed films be banned from festivals?

Acclaimed  director  Steven  Spielberg  and  legendary  actress  Dame  Helen  Mirren  recently  came  out  against  Netflix-only  films  saying  they  were  dangerous  to  cinema.  This  comes  after  the  Cannes  Film  Festival  decided  to  reject  any  films  from  streaming  services.  Previously,  so  long  as  they  had  a  couple  of  screenings  these  films  could  qualify  for  Cannes,  but  the  new  rules  require  a ...

Remember: Drug use is a crime, and funds crime.

Max Waller, in an addendum to Kaitlin Shaw's article on drug abuse, points out that the use of drugs is a crime and facilitates crime.

The BBC was right to broadcast Enoch Powell’s speech

A piece about the importance of free speech, using the example of Enoch Powell's controversial anti-immigration speech.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

I would love to begin this article offering something as valuable as the skills in What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School.  Unfortunately, skills concerning communication, networking, or simply time management will not be found here.  Rather, this article is a reflection on my time at university, the difficulties that I have encountered, and how I wish...

Does St Andrews have a drug problem?

Kaitlin Shaw discusses student drug use within St Andrews.

Don’t Worry about getting an Internship

Viewpoint editor Max Waller examines the perils and advantages of internships: "Have you got an internship this summer?  We all know that one person who has arranged fifteen internships, but my advice is not to worry if you haven’t got one yet."

Devil’s Advocate: Should Market Street Be Pedestrianised?

Max Waller and Laurent Belanger argue for and against pedestrianising Market Street.