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Queer History Matters Now More Than Ever

Including the victories and struggles of queer people throughout history should be an important part of modern education, says Linus Erbach.

Devil’s advocate- Should everyone be Vegetarian?

YES- Milly Butters I can almost hear the eye rolling and exasperated sighing coming from meat-eaters before I even begin to defend vegetarianism or veganism. The old line: ‘How do you know someone is a vegetarian/vegan when you meet them? Because they’ve already told you’ is perhaps true. We plant-eaters tend to be very passionate about our preferences for greenery and...

Gratitude: It’s all about perspective

It seems we have a lot to worry and stress about these days- taking time to think and be grateful can really help

The Dangers of Lad Culture

The 90s. Butterfly hair clips and bucket hats were all the rage, Betty Spaghetty and Polly Pocket  were the ‘must have’ toys, and the Spice Girls’ songs boomed from radios up and down the country. The first episode of Friends was aired, the first website published, and the first Harry  Potter book  hit the  shelves. Yet  it was also...

MIND: Stressing over a Balanced Life

Jurin K. Flores explores the stress of successfully balancing many obligations.

Let’s ban Halloween: before it’s too late

One of my earliest memories of Halloween is noticing my neighbour’s rather uncouth decorations, and it’s only now that I’ve realised that this probably formed the genesis of my adult attitude towards the “holiday”. He had no pumpkins, no skeletons, no little tubs of sweets and chocolate. He hadn’t decorated his garden, or made any particular effort to make...

Meeting Different People at University

In this sense, fake friends are a blessing in disguise. Yes, they may hurt you, but they also shine a light on true friendship and how wonderful it can be.

Climbing: An exercise in friendship

I am terrified of heights. I am also terrified of people I love around heights, but I’d had a strange week and so I went climbing with one of my favourite people, which put both of us uncomfortably high up. Every time I do this I question why. I’m not at all good at it, so why keep on...

It’s now the time for a People’s Vote

73 per cent of under-25s voted for Remain in the referendum. If you’re in first and second year, you probably didn’t get a vote and are having to observe an inept government pull us out of Europe, despite the fact that you had no say. That’s why you should support a People's Vote on the final outcome of the...

Are Tattoos Professional?

Kaitlin Shaw, Archie Batra YES Tattoos – often something your mother does not want to see pop up on your skin over the years. Permanently inking various designs onto your body is sometimes seen as controversial but, with the changing winds of our millennial era and a larger acceptance of self-expression, I believe it’s time to shake off the prejudice surrounding tattoos and starting seeing people for people – i.e....