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Athletic Union bans Clay Pigeon from Sinners

The ban will last for six months after a member allegedly forged wristbands

Broken glass leaves dog with “sliced” paw

Veterinary bills are expected to be at least £400 after one-year-old Aella's paw was cut on a walk along Lade Braes

Polls close for Students’ Association Elections

The results will be announced at 8pm and will be live-streamed by The Saint.

Polls open for 2019 Students’ Association Elections

Polls have opened for the 2019 Students' Association Elections, beginning at 12:01 am on Thursday 7 March. Students can vote for sabbatical officers, Association positions, Students' Representative Council (SRC) and Students' Services Council (SSC), school presidents, and modern language conveners. Polls close on Friday 8 March at 6pm, with results being announced at The StAge and on The Saint's Facebook page...

Frustration grows as Out of Hours service suspended for rest of academic year

St Andrews Hospital
Out-of-hours GP services have been suspended for a further five months. The emergency contingency measures imposed in April 2018, due to a shortage in nurses and doctors, will continue until at least the end of August. The extension in emergency measures, resulting in a loss of out-of-hours services, will affect the St Andrews Community Hospital along with Glenrothes and Queen Margaret...

University of St Andrews near top of rankings for percentage of privately educated students enrolled

According to entry figures from 2017-18, St Andrews has the highest density of privately-educated students in Scotland and the second highest in the UK. Data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveal that Oxford University has the lowest proportion of state-educated students with only 58 per cent, St Andrews following closely with 60 per cent of young first-degree entrants...

InFocus: in conversation with Alastair Fothergill

Creator of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet talks to The Saint

Polls open for student elections

The results for all positions will be announced on Friday 8 March at 8 pm at The Stage and will be livestreamed by The Saint.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is…

Voting is now open for the 2019 Students’ Association elections. For this issue we have devoted a double-page spread to the candidates and analyses of their manifestos. The full manifesto analyses ­­­are available online and you may have already seen them released over the past few days. In previous years we have often held the majority of our coverage until...

Geography journal to relaunch

The Irvine Atlas follows on from the St Andrews Geographer (STAG) which was founded in the 1970s.