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Manifesto analysis: Paloma Paige, Association President

Paloma Paige’s manifesto spends little time focusing on policies that she would implement if re-elected, and instead alludes to past achievements as justification for your vote. She references vague terms but offers few concrete plans. Often she confuses distinct policy ideas with pre-requisites of the job. A year on, her optimism still comes across as naivety. Strategy and Vision She opens...

Manifesto analysis: Audrey Sherr, Athletic Union President

Reading Ms Sherr’s manifesto, her outlined “key points” for her prospective AU Presidency should she be successful in the election are made quite clear and merit further attention. Her commitment to a greater awareness of the mental health issues facing student athletes is the most praiseworthy, and it would be very interesting to see if some of her proposed...

Manifesto analysis: Flora Smith, Director of Wellbeing

Ms Smith certainly appears an experienced candidate: she was President of Sexpression, a Peer Support Coordinator, and sat on the Wellbeing Subcommittee, so she certainly has plenty of knowledge and understanding to draw from. This seems evident in her manifesto, as it is permeated with clear and identifiable policy ideas including, interestingly, an online manifesto tracking system, intended to...

Manifesto analysis: Phoebe Angeni Soulon, Director of Wellbeing

Ms Soulon chose to highlight her own personal experiences in her manifesto, as opposed to time spent on committees or in societies. This lack of administrative experience in communicating and working with other people at the top of the Union’s bureaucracy may prove problematic. The inner machinations of the Students’ Association are invariably complex and difficult to navigate, and...

Manifesto analysis: Zelda Tobias-Kotyk, Director of Wellbeing

Ms Tobias-Kotyk stands on a considered manifesto, which emphasises her previous experience as Chair of Saints LGBT+, as well as her activity in Sexpression, Got Consent, and her time spent as the sexual health representative on the Wellbeing Committee. Ms Tobias-Kotyk has promised to continue much of what the incumbent Director of Wellbeing is doing, and it is disappointing that...

Manifesto analysis: Leah Allcock, Athletic Union President

Allcock sets out her three main goals if she is elected in her opening sentence: cross-team collaboration, environmental issues and bursting what she describes as the restricting AU “bubble” that she believe marginalises some from really getting involved in sport here. She mentions her work on the AU executive committee this year, an association that one could argue either...

St Andrews societies nominated for national awards

The Astronomical Society has been nominated for Best Academic Society, while the St Andrews Women for Women International Society is up for Best Fundraising/Campaigning Society.

Conservatives seeking Union reaffiliation following financial and membership woes

The decision was made at a meeting on 13 February by the Students’ Association Societies Committee. At the time of writing, StAUCA is yet to vote as a society as to whether they will re-affiliate. There is expected to be a meeting to decide so on 26 February.

How to maintain a successful Town and Gown relationship

A joint piece written by Morgan Morris, Students’ Association Community Officer, and Susan Hill, a St Andrews Community Councillor

Melville avoids sausage roll fire

“For the most part management seeks to blame students - including for ostensibly showering with the shower doors open which is ridiculous - despite the fact that we haven’t ever had problems on this scale before the renovation.”