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Image: FIXR Within 11 minutes, 1500 tickets worth £80,000 were sold. Behind the legendary ticket sale for the 2014 Kate Kennedy Club May Ball was FIXR, the London-based mobile ticketing company founded by two St Andrews graduates. Hugh Hudleston and Edmund Glover met in an English class in their second year at St Andrews. Hudleston helped set up the University yachting...

A green Eden for St Andrews

Image: geograph.org.uk The University of St Andrews has long aspired to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral university for energy consumption. Its recent development of the Guardbridge Energy Centre at the newly-named “Eden Campus” plans to bring it one step closer to this elusive goal. Officially commissioned by Sally Mapstone on 6 December, the centre will generate “clean energy” using a...

CAPOD: what’s on offer?

The Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development, CAPOD provides a comprehensive range of opportunities both students and staff.

Playing the stock market, risk-free

The benefits and drawbacks of online investment simulators.

The Quant Conference

A student-run, student-focused quantitative finance conference in London.


What Uber's London ban says about the company's troubles around the world.

Starting salary prospects for your degree

They might not be as grim as you'd expect.

No more EU funding for Fife?

Concerns regarding Brexit’s effect on Fife’s economy and job market have risen to the forefront of local issues. EU funding, employment prospects, and environmental regulations are of particular note. So –– what effect will Brexit have locally? Scotland’s structural funds Scotland currently receives an allocation of around £674 million in EU structural funds. These funds are distributed across the UK, with Wales...

Easter 2017, by the numbers

What began as a religious holiday to celebrate an end to Lenten self-denial has become a commercialised, interdenominational cultural phenomenon filled with hunts for plastic eggs,  hollow chocolate bunnies, and shiny patent leather shoes. Whether you celebrated en famille, went to Sunday mass, or had nothing to do with the holiday, here are some figures you might not have known. Abundant...

Trade war?

Over the past several months, there has been an increasing amount of buzz over the possibility of a trade war between the United States and China. Such a conflict has been referred to in apocalyptic terms, with many observers stressing the possibility that it could lead to the ruin of the global economy at large. The developing economic and...