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The Journey of Brora Cashmere

Illustration: Brora Twenty-five years ago, Victoria Stapleton’s parents bought an interest in a tweed mill in Brora, a small village in the Scottish Highlands with some 1,150 residents. She was asked to establish a Scottish textile shop beside the mill. Looking for classic cashmere knits to complement the tweeds, she accidentally met James Sugden OBE, then-runner of the finest cashmere...

Career is a Billiard Ball

Illustration: Cosette Puckett Some of us are blessed with having known our “true callings” since childhood. Some find them during secondary school, and some continue to explore various interests through their university years. Those of us who are less sure often end up pursuing a degree with which we are not wholeheartedly satisfied, or see our passions evolve after having committed...

Record-breaking Dow Jones Drop Erases Earnings

Illustration: Marianna Pantelli While 2017 marked a profitable year for a booming stock market which saw the DOW break record earnings, a sudden and severe drop in early February quickly erased the existing 2018 earnings. Reportedly, what makes this drop so notable is that it has been dubbed “the greatest single-day point drop in history during a trading day,” losing almost...

At the Top of 2018 Davos’s Agenda – Bridging the Gender Pay Gap

Striving for gender pay equality in a fractured world.

UK Gender Wage Gap Quantified

While it is important to acknowledge that gender differences can naturally cause wage disparity because human capital factors such as work experience, education, job skills necessarily lead to differences in productivity levels, it is equally important to acknowledge that gender discrimination does exist. In fact, it is another important factor of the gender wage gap. Discrimination exists when employers...

Consider Travelex When You Leave for Break

No conversion fees or exchange rate fluctuations - how a prepaid travel card saves you money.

Traveling alone through Morocco: budgeting tips and more

Money editor Rebecca Feng offers tips on travelling through Morocco after her 20-day solo trip.

A policy duel on housing

Illustration: Edward Emery The Prime Minister summed it up well in her closing speech to the Conservative Party Conference: “For 30 or 40 years we simply have not built enough homes. As a result, prices have risen so much that the average home now costs almost eight times average earnings. That’s been a disaster for young people in particular. We have...

Budgeting in a social life

Illustration: Cosette Puckett As the chaotic highs of Freshers’ Week come back down to a healthier reality with first semester classes, the next big social event of the season is just around the corner. However some students, especially freshers, might not realise that these social events don’t come cheaply. So, how can you plan accordingly, saving yourself from the pain...