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Would it work? The verdict

Read what our panel think and have your say

Would it work? Jonathan’s late night coffee house

In the last four years St Andrews has witnessed much change, with many new shops and restaurants opening in the main town, giving students a greater choice of places to shop, wine and dine. Yet despite the improvements to variety, St Andrews is still a town that has a curfew, with most establishments closing whilst the night is still...

Would it work? Caleb’s burrito bar

Your local business ideas are put to our panel

How to succeed at interviews without really trying

I would consider myself a fairly confident person – I have no trouble meeting new people or speaking in public. I’m the sort of person who should thrive in a job interview scenario, but for some reason when I enter that room I feel like John Terry taking a Champions League final penalty; the pressure of doing something that...

Market Street

This column will to do nothing to combat my cultural stereotype, but I am about to vent my anger over seven pence. The story starts with my unashamed love of one of the Middle East’s finest and most well-known delicacies – hummus. I love hummus and, as I have discovered recently, it is a fantastic way to improve the...

Would it work?

Your local business ideas are put to our panel of students and experts

Free trials and tribulations

Music, TV, snack food - it's amazing what you can get for free

Is this the new Mark Zuckerberg?

A St Andrews whiz kid takes on Silicon Valley

The panel and their verdicts

Our panel give their thoughts on Gabriel's sushi bar

Market Street

New year, new section