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The problem with problem gambling

It’s really easy to find betting shops morally repugnant. However, it’s essential that we, as a society, adequately understand the nature and extent of the problem before we rush to form opinions. It is important to recognise that betting shops are far from a new phenomenon. They have long been a part of the British high-street. In fact, thirty years...

The rat race is ridiculous

Apparently no-one who leaves university ever gets a job. That’s why the streets are littered with thousands of twenty-something graduates starving on street corners and picking at McFlurry containers. Luckily, that’s how I like to spend my weekends anyway. None of you are good enough to be employed, I mean look at you - just because you are a St...

Why I don’t hate the Doll’s House

My friends from home had agreed on an impromptu trip and alerted me of their intention to visit St Andrews for the weekend. As the entertainer of the friend group, I formulated a delightful itinerary to keep them busy. After my fairly ghastly experience at a certain chicken establishment new to the town, I felt the need for some...

A solution to our problems?

We are all aware of the problems St Andrews students face in trying to secure affordable accommodation. Nightmare landlords, complicated application processes, and simply not enough housing to go around all contribute to a difficult and stressful atmosphere come February. Last year, then second-year student Allen Farrington decided to take matters into his own hands and set up his...

Market Street

I am dumbfounded by the enormous reaction that Gabriel Ross’ article Why I hate Nando’s, published in the last issue of The Saint, received online. At time of print it is the most read article on the website, and many readers have felt compelled to weigh in on the debate. I personally find it ironic that a few people...

Teacher training

PGCEs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for graduates, particularly from top universities such as St Andrews. Indeed, recent figures from the Department of Education show that two thirds of trainee teachers in 2011-2012 had a first or 2:1, a rise of 3 percentage points from 2010-2011. Additionally, 12% of teaching post- graduates had a first, 2% more than...

Why I really hate Nando’s

Gabriel Ross explains his distaste for St Andrews' newest popular food chain

Supermarket sweeping

The Saint investigates the cheapest place in St Andrews for your weekly shop

Feed me for under a fiver

PJ Choi returns with a fantastic dish to keep your stomach and your purse happy

Market Street

For those of you who read last issue’s Market Street, I’m sure you’ll be re­lieved to know that the hummus in­cident has been resolved. It’s unclear whether the price change was a direct result of my bitter condemnation, but I’ll happily take the credit. You probably haven’t heard of Sean Geddes, but you may well be fa­miliar with his work....