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Whilst in Egypt

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re building Egypt” One day after Hosni Mubarak resigned to the will of the Egyptians, whilst people were cleaning up and the traffic was getting back to normal, this sign could be read in Tahrir Square at the centre of Cairo. It summarizes my personal experience as a student living in Egypt, before returning some...

The Royal Family of the 21st century

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a graduate student in possession of a degree from St Andrews must be in want of a spouse. Throughout their university careers, a single statistic haunts every St Andrews student from the very first day - one in three graduates from St Andrews go on to marry a fellow student. The announcement of...


Ever thought you’d be able to recite the rules of netball in Danish? Neither did Isobel Turner. However, after 5 months living in Copenhagen, she has more than a few stories to tell…

Into the Wild

Adam Boggon takes his body on an adrenaline adventure through the cold and windy Scottish Highlands.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles: a Christmas Ferry-tale

Susann Landefeld on her epic journey home, through chaotic snowy conditions, from Scotland to Germany…

Facebook: the end of privacy?

SAMANTHA GORDINE and SUSANN LANDEFELD investigate the Facebook phenomenon

Tuition Fees and Budget Cuts: how will they affect St Andrews?

Eilidh Beaton discusses how the current government decisions will affect students in St Andrews and across Scotland

Where to go this January?

Discover hidden parts of France, get an insight into Northern Africa, have tea with a Welsh community in Argentina or sunbathe on a beach in Spain. Mhairi Roberts on where to go in the Intersemester Break

Modern Photography

Zoe Johnson investigates the world of digital photography and the revival of the film camera

A Snow Problem

Rebecca Quinn on why Britain is incapable of dealing with a bit of snow