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Dry February: My Teetotal Month in the Bubble

Elen Young walks us through the highs and lows of elected sobriety in St Andrews, as she challenges herself for charity with Dry February

FS: Behind the designs

Elizabeth Milne spoke to Kameron Cooper, one of the contributing young designers to this year’s FS event, about everything from her very first sewing machine to how her music playlist informs her fashion sense.

Jamie Rodney elected President of the Students’ Association

Moments ago, Jamie Rodney was elected Students’ Association President, defeating after all other candidates had been eliminated by the Single Transferable Voting system (STV). Jamie Rodney secured more votes than his two opponents: Josh Stevens and Paloma Paige. Mr Rodney's victory follows an intense week of campaigning by all three Association President candidates. In the most contested race for Director of Events...

A traditional folk-us

Over the weekend of 22-24 February, the St Andrews Folk and Traditional Music Society hosted their second annual folk music festival. Being the third festival the group has organised (including a world music event last semester), the weekend was a packed affair, with traditional tunes heard in every corner of town. As a self-confessed folk philistine, with the exception...

Grab-N-Go: Lunch on the move

Reviewing Grab-N-Go, one of St Andrews' newest eatery

Coping with final year stress

When I was a kid, summer holidays seemed to stretch on forever, and the wait between birthdays or Christmases felt like an eternity. As I get older, however, I spend my time constantly surprised at the speed that months and years are flying by. I remember my first day in St Andrews just like it was yesterday. Now, halfway...

An interview with the UNHCR Director of Communications

The statistics which Ms Fleming deals with in her role as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Director of Communications make for difficult reading. The agency is tasked with caring for all, globally, who are forced to leave their homes due to conflict and persecution: internally displaced people fleeing conflict, famine or other difficulties without leaving their country; refugees, crossing borders to stay alive; and asylum-seekers, unable to return to...

36 hours in Sofia

The most common response I received upon telling friends and family I was planning a trip to Bulgaria was the same, sudden bewildered look, followed by: “But why?”. I admit I enjoyed causing slight confusion by my odd choice of destination, though I myself wasn’t even entirely sure of my reasoning. Yes, the flight from Edinburgh to the capital...

Seeking ‘SolidariTee’ in the fight for refugee rights

Last semester, The Saint’s Siobhan Ali explored the work of Refugee Action St Andrews (RASA) in their campaign for equal opportunities in accessing university education. Their focus was primarily on advocating for a specific scholarship fund aimed at allowing refugee students to attend university here in St Andrews, as is already the case in several other UK institutions. Their...

Green Start

Killing two birds with one stone to address homelessness and recycling in the St Andrews community