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Maximize Your MacBook

The advent of university heralds a fresh start, new experiences, and the formation of lifelong friendships. For many students, beginning university is also synonymous with technological upgrades; students today need their own laptops in order to keep up with schoolwork. You would be hard pressed to find a lecture hall, tutorial group, or seminar room that did not feature students frantically typing away on their laptops at lightning speed,...

Arclight Tandem Africa: two boys on a bike for sight

Alex McMaster and Merlin Hetherington will be distributing a St Andrews-developed device for diagnosing diseases leading to blindness and deafness throughout Africa by way of their bicycle-built-for-two, Roxanne.

36 Hours in the Isle of Skye

After spending six hours driving and obnoxiously singing to our old Spotify playlists, my boyfriend Tom and I finally made it to our spontaneous weekend destination on the Isle of Skye. Since I had never ventured farther in Scotland than Glasgow, I was eager for us to make the most of the trip while Tom had his car in St Andrews. The drive to Skye is arguably just as beautiful...

The Culinary Delights of St Andrews Halls

Depute Features editor Cate Hanlon delves into catering in St Andrews halls. She provides a comparative look between the catering system at St Andrews and North American counterparts and weighs the pros and cons of a St Andrews meal plan.

What it means to go ‘Organic’

Is organic food a cash-grabbing, environment-damaging scam, or the holy grail of health?

Citizen Science and BioBlitzes

Deputy Features Editor Tas Vamos explores the role of BioBlitz in shaping citizen based science in St Andrews. The accessibility, importance, and breakthroughs in science are also highlighted.

Penultimate to Ultimate: Transitions from Third to Fourth Year as an Undergraduate Student

Features Editor Kenalyn Ang considers how entering your final year of university can be both nerve-wracking and exciting.

Paperless or Paperback?

Deputy Features Editor Catriona Aitken debates the merits of e-books and audiobooks, and whether they will ever stack up to the timeless quality of paper.

The Overseas Series: Maddie Richards

Maddie Richards writes about her experiences as a year-abroad student in the Southern sunshine of William and Mary, at Williamsburg, Virginia.

Charities Campaign Nominations Open

The St Andrews Charities Campaign asks students to send in their nominations for the local, national and international charities which they will support for the 2018/19 academic year.