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A couple of hundred words on travel

By Ben Dunant Travel is an exciting, formative and (although I use the word cautiously) enlightening experience. It is about meeting people and seeing places that exist fully outside yourself. I only regret that the culture of therapy, imported from America and quickly pervading Britain, has reduced travel to a masturbatory self-help exercise, akin to yoga or a carrot juice...

In the Margins

The other day, while in the middle of a marathon stint in our beloved main library, I excused myself from my academic pursuits for a visit to the lady’s room.

Duty free at last?

By Adman Boggon At 2408m, the Port d’Envalira at the northern entrance to Andorra is a royal pain in the ass to cycle over. Yet as my legs ached in the baking Pyrenean sun, the nomadic wonder for pastures new bore me on. I found myself quite looking forward to discovering what the tiny principality of Andorra held in store...

Music Notes

The full interview with Johnny Lynch, only available online!

The Evolution of Prejudice

What if modern day prejudice and discrimination are all down to prehistoric bugs? Psychology student Catharina Andrew investigates.

Race2 and the art of ‘blagging’

Morgan Lochhead on the peculiar and enduring phenomenon of racing across Europe for charity

Party Like It’s 2010

Bess Rhodes mingles with students and politicians at the Conservative Party Conference

The Magic of St Andrews

Ananda Rabindranath on the world of wizards


Eilidh Beaton on the post-Freshers’ Week blues

Issue 145

It was while jostling for a drink in the Union bar last week – amongst impeccably well mannered, considerate, sober first years out for a quiet drink – that a question struck me, seemingly from above, like a neat, grey-white globule of pigeon poo: Does God actually exist? The question has occurred to me a few times before, quietly yet...