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Say ‘Yes!’ to safe, affordable and convenient travel

Yes!Cab, the latest innovation to be introduced to the St Andrews’ community, is an exciting new initiative, begun by two of the university’s very own students. Founded by Daniel Malikzade-Afshar and Murad Abdulla, Yes!Cab is a service that combines the concepts that have ensured the success of Uber with traditional taxi services and intends to provide “safe, convenient and...

Fuelled by fear: the True Crime trend

True crime provides the perfect procrastination. Having an unfinished essay due the next day is a seemingly small issue compared to accidentally marrying a criminal and your stalker, as seen in Netflix’s new hit, Dirty John. Perhaps this explains society’s latest fixation on true crime series — it distracts from an increasingly stressful world and renders our own problems...

Lovely Weather to Die In

Last week, whilst brazenly wandering the streets of London, I developed a shamefully amusing sunburn on my neck and face, the only two portions of my pasty skin that were exposed to the timorous rays. The weather is quickly beginning to brighten — spring being recently hailed in on 20 March by Stonehenge's eccentric pagan patrons — and warm...

St Andrews Waffle Company meets Glen Lyon Coffee

Having rapidly become an intrinsic part of the unique community in St Andrews, the St Andrews Waffle Company is beloved by residents and visitors alike. Renowned for their delicious waffle-centred meals, Waffle Company is also the only place in town serving signature artisan Glen Lyon Coffee. Through their collaboration with the company, St Andrews Waffle Company is promoting Fair...

Food Fights: There’s more to your food than meets the eye

Catherine Burke explores the multifaceted aspects of the meaning of food across cultures

Uncovering Passport Privilege

With Brexit negotiations dominating current news, Deputy Features Editor Alice Bessonova takes a look at the 'value' of certain passports and the ease with with people of some nationalities can travel the world today.

Fairer hospitality rights with Claire Baker MSP

In 2017, The Saint published an article based on two months of interviews surrounding the prevalence of sexual harassment in the catering industry of St Andrews. Featuring interviews with eight students who worked in prominent establishments in town, the article revealed a culture of sexism and misogyny towards students, mostly female, alongside a pattern of mismanagement from senior staff....

“Reconnect” with Wellbeing Week 2019

Wellbeing Week is back with a packed schedule of events throughout Week 8. Abby Li spoke to the Wellbeing Committee's Mental Health Representative, Emma Walsh, about the ways in which students can engage with this week's and the importance of reconnecting with our emotions among the stresses of student life.

Community expression through theatre: what can St Andrews’ theatrical scene tell us about its society?

As we approach the final few weeks of the semester, the marketing campaigns of numerous student productions flood our notifications. Deputy features editor Siobhan Ali spoke to a number of students involved in such productions, gaining insight into the important societal role of self-expression within this cherished theatrical tradition of St Andrews.

Dry February: My Teetotal Month in the Bubble

Elen Young walks us through the highs and lows of elected sobriety in St Andrews, as she challenges herself for charity with Dry February