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International Festival for Charity Week

For one day only, students from different cultural backgrounds are coming together to fundraise in a never-before-seen way in our little bubble

EXCLUSIVE: Mermaids Christmas Ball

The Saint exclusively reveals details of this year's Christmas Ball

BlackRock Day

The St Andrews Investment Society is hosting BlackRock Day this Wednesday

The Ambassadors Ball

The Ambassadors Ball is the latest in the 600th anniversary events calendar. Darya Smirnova caught up with ball director Amisha Vadalia to get the latest

The Postgraduate Society Gala

For sensitive student pockets, £25 seemed a reasonable trade for three courses and an evening's entertainment

This House Believes Austerity Has Failed

The Union Debating Society’s most recent public debate on the motion “This House Believes Austerity Has Failed” was an exciting night of expert speakers and insightful speeches. Held in conjunction with the Economics Society, the debate featured some of the greatest minds in the field. Despite the rain, UDS managed to fill Lower Parliament Hall with eager students with...

Carnegie Club’s IDEAS Conference

Ultimately, this event was an excellent way to meet new people and learn about different issues

Opening Ball 2013

Everyone knows that the KKC know how to throw a party. It's just a shame that their presence tends to ruin it

Opening Ball vs IDEAS Conference

Which will you be at this weekend - the Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball or the Carnegie Club's IDEAS Conference?

This House Believes…

“This House Believes Britain Should Abolish Its Nuclear Weapons” was another debate full of exciting speeches and top-notch speakers