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Sabb diary: Supporting the call for fair pay

As you have no doubt heard by now, university staff across the UK, led by the University and College Union (UCU) are preparing to carry out a ‘marking boycott’ as part of an ongo- ing dispute about staff pay in higher and further education. This follows on from a number of day long strikes throughout this academic year. UCU negotiates...

Sabb diary: We must show more respect

Chloe Hill, Association president, warns us that we must not believe we “own the town”

Sports news and shorthand panic: March 2014

“Wait, is Edinburgh further north than York?” I believe this was the moment when I realised that I wasn’t so tragically out of my depth on my News Associates journalism course. The other trainees have come to Manchester from across the UK, though mainly from the north of England. There is also a mix of experience and knowledge, from those who have...

If that’s graduation calling, tell him I’m just putting on my lipstick. And my career

The train to Bognor Regis was late on Monday. And the crackly voice announcing this at Gatwick railway station sounded really upset about it. As upset as I was when I woke up with a cold, to the news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was dead. Perhaps some people know where Bognor Regis is. I’m afraid I don’t. And the fact...

48 hours in Tel Aviv

We arrived into Tel Aviv as the heavens opened. Literally. We had gone almost a month and a half in the field, with not so much as a drop of rain. We were baking, the bees were happy and the flowers were slowly frying. Feeling as though we were being prepared in a slow cooker, we decided to take...

Sabb Diary: what, who, when, how and why

You may have seen the banners hap- hazardly hanging out of windows or the assault of colours, flyers, and smiles outside the library. It’s a crazy week filled with an atmosphere un- like any other. So, we wanted to give you a few pointers that should hopefully an- swer some of the questions you have. What is going on? Week seven is...

Send in the fresh meat for the grinder: February 2014

Richard Browne gives his first update from a course in journalism with News Associates

Sabb diary: the busy semester ahead

There’s so much going on in St Andrews right now, it’s almost difficult to keep up. We’re just off the back of two suc- cessful weeks - Refreshers’ and RAG. I was really pleased with how many people came out despite the main bar’s closure for our range of events, from a packed hypnotist show to a sell-out cei-...

Being a Scarlet Woman

“Stop judging me because I’m a single woman. I drink coffee, have sex, buy pies, and enjoy battery-operated devices. If you can’t deal with that, I will find another housekeeper who can.”

Sabb diary: You can make a difference

Each issue your sabbatical officers keep you up to date with the latest developments