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Reflections from the sabbs: Caroline Christie

It feels odd to be reflecting on my time as Director of Student Development and Activities already. I could have sworn that we were only four months in; however, I only have four months left so it is time to look back on what a crazy rollercoaster it has been. From Campaign Week to Freshers’ Week to Race2 Prague,...

Editorial 209: preserving education post-Brexit

It is clear that Professor Sally Mapstone has taken office as principal during one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of Scotland’s oldest university. Brexit poses fundamental challenges to the UK’s higher education sector, and The Saint is heartened by the fact that Professor Mapstone, along with the rest of her senior management team, clearly recognises this...

The close of the age of the secluded liberal

Isaac Leavers pens a few words on the effects of the new President-elect and what the liberal voter can do to help rebuild the Democratic party.

Coming to terms with a Donald Trump presidency

Deputy editor Meilan Solly explains why she has lost faith in America.

Young Freshers: what to expect and how to expect it

Tom Coombes, The Saint's resident wizened uncle, advises you on how to navigate Freshers' Week.

Here to help: the guide to student support services

The wardennial teams, ASC, Nightline, the Chaplaincy and NHS services are all available for students in time of need.

Debris litters shores of East Sands, visitors warned to avoid water

People have been told to avoid the local beach after its shores were covered by between 40 and 50 piles of debris.

Brexit: get a hold of yourselves

Brexit flag | © freestocks.org / Flickr
Dillon Yeh calls for calm in the wake of Brexit, that it's not as bad as it may seem.

Jane Bond? Feminists, get over it.

With a debate raging around a potential genderbent casting for James Bond, Tiffany Black argues why she'd rather see something different.

Brexit: We should not walk away

Our Rector, Catherine Stihler, weighs in on the Brexit debate and urges every student to exert their democratic right to vote.