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Irn Bru, online shopping and reintroducing caning for Conservatives: the other side of Alex Salmond

The Saint sits down with the former first minister of Scotland to discuss Westminster, independence and the exams he never sat at St Andrews

Feliz Madridad

Sarah Dickins brings you the latest installment of her year abroad blog from Spain, this time exploring the Spanish traditions around Christmas.

Tantillo pulls out of presidential race to support Pat Mathewson in his bid for a second term

The Association chair has ruled himself out of the presidential race to run Pat Mathewson's campaign, much to the surprise of the president himself

A vegetarian in Madrid

From seafood paella and chorizo to Iberian ham or calamari – Spain is well known for its various dishes of dead animal. As a life-long pescatarian, life in Madrid presents a daily challenge. I’m used to grocery shopping or eating out in Britain, but finding veggie burgers in supermarkets and scanning menus in Spanish proves to be a rather...

Students urged to press principal to resolve marking boycott

As it enters its second week, negotiations could see the marking boycott suspended from next Thursday

Letter to the editor: A response from FemSoc to ‘In Defense of Blackout: #GetOut’

In response to ‘In Defense of Blackout: #GetOut'  by Anonymous of The Stand (9 November 2014) and as a follow-up to '#BlackoutOrGetOut: GIG faces criticism over sexist and "bacchanalian" annual event' by Rachael Miller (6 November 2014). Sir, 11 days ago, Rachael Miller from The Saint sent FemSoc an email asking if we could comment on the Global Investment Group’s (GIG) event ‘Stocks and Bondage’....

Men’s golf club committee disbanded as AU bids to “transform club culture”

The University men's golf club committee has been forced to disband and members stripped of their right to compete for St Andrews, The Saint can reveal. The decision was taken after a Wednesday social ended in “chanting and shouting” in McIntosh hall, causing “great disturbance and panic” to residents, according to men's club President Angus Roberts. The news come a week after...

The Rectorial Elections: A joint statement by The Saint & The Sinner

A joint statement from The Saint and The Sinner regarding the recent Rectorial Election result

Potential rectorial candidates (sort of)

Julian Assange anyone?

A video guide to the 2014 Rectorial Election

A guide to the 2014 Rectorial Election from The Saint's video team