Saturday, March 17, 2018
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The politics of #MeToo

Michael McCabe discusses the politics of Me Too and how it is changing political discourse, using an example from recent events in Canada.

It’s time to raise awareness about eating disorders

A student writes about her experience of dealing with an eating disorder.

Look After Your Friends

Sasha Gisborne recalls a recent event highlighting the dangers of student nightlife.

Devils Advocate: Should we have a McDonald’s in St Andrews?

"15 per cent of the student body hails from the USA; how can we deprive them of one of their nations greatest organisations?"

The War On Drugs: Why Isn’t It Being Fought?

Archie Batra makes the case for the war on drugs.

Is a classical education still relevant?

While Classics may be a subject of the past it is not by any means irrelevant.

Renting in St Andrews: Is there any solution?

As we enter into February we see the return of every St Andrews student’s favourite past time; flat hunting. This process often takes up several weeks, if not months, of a student’s time. Email after email, form after form, viewing after viewing and unless you’re lucky it usually results in several disappointments before any victory. If you’re a first...

Safe Spaces Are a Recipe for Disaster

Editor-in-chief Andrew Sinclair expounds the argument against safe spaces in universities.

Christmas Jumpers: Festive Necessities or a Fashion Faux Pas?

Christmas Jumpers? Why not not have the fashion faux pas and donate the money to a worthwhile cause instead?

The problem with Reading Week.

Lade Braes is decorated with autumn leaves in deep reds, oranges, and yellows. The supermarkets’ shelves are filled with pumpkins waiting to be carved, and comforting bowls of soup with crusty bread seem ever more appealing. Knitted woollens and long boots have been dug out from the back of wardrobes whilst, after much protest, summery skirts and floaty tops...