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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Sacrifice is important in a selfish world

Andrew Sinclair muses about giving up alcohol for lent, and suggests that it made him appreciate what he has more.

Support Professor Ponsatí

Clara Ponsatí will not go gently into the darkness of a Spanish prison

Allow vaping in student accommodation

Kaitlin Shaw argus that "students should  absolutely be allowed to vape inside  university halls."

The SRC are right, but lecturers still deserve support

Last week the Students’ Representative Council sent a strong message to both the University and the UCU by passing a motion that called for no new strikes to take place. The Union’s argument is that too much disruption has happened to student studies already and further strikes would be far too damaging. This comes after national UCU leaders announced a...

The Labour Party has a Problem with Anti-Semitism

The spiel on the back of my Labour party membership card ends with two words that seem, nowadays, to be routinely ignored by too many members: tolerance and respect. Scandal has (once again) gripped the party as antisemitism and Corbyn’s inability to deal with it have come to the political fore. For the blissfully unaware, some explanation is needed. Corbyn’s...

Devil’s Advocate: Should We Delete Facebook?

Freddie Kellet and Anna-Ruth Cockerham discuss the Cambridge Analytica scandal and whether we should delete Facebook in wake of it.

Why St Andrews Should Care About Gun Legislation

To acknowledge and debate the issue... is to offer political participation both through traditional and direct means that are cornerstones of Western democracies.

Dark Humour: It helps to understand

When I say dark jokes are funny, I would like to make something clear. This is not a tirade about why hate crimes against ethnic minorities are funny, or why “free speech” makes rape “jokes” okay. This is about why it’s alright to laugh and joke about dark and unpleasant topics. The question of why we laugh is impossible to...

Sky News – 100 Women

Kaitlin Shaw looks back on Sky News' 100 Women debate and how the opportunity re-ignited her long-held passions.

Viewpoint: The UCU Strikes do not deserve student support

The UCU is treating the Students of St Andrews as pawns and using our collective support to further strikes. It is time that, we, as students, cease to support the strikes, cease to allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated, and as a result see the strikes end swiftly.