Monday, February 19, 2018
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The problem with Reading Week.

Lade Braes is decorated with autumn leaves in deep reds, oranges, and yellows. The supermarkets’ shelves are filled with pumpkins waiting to be carved, and comforting bowls of soup with crusty bread seem ever more appealing. Knitted woollens and long boots have been dug out from the back of wardrobes whilst, after much protest, summery skirts and floaty tops...

Devils Advocate: Should we Abolish Private Schools?

Should we abolish private school's? Are they an aspect of an unequal society? Or, is it a civil liberty? The Saint debates this here.

A report from Raisin

It’s the night of Raisin eve, the night when all the good little freshers go to bed early and wait for the horrific delight of tomorrow. Staying up late with all your friends, you discuss in soft tones what you think your parents are going to get you for Raisin. “My parents have stolen my room keys and matriculation...

The case for political pragmatism

St Andrews students have recently elected a new Rector. The winning campaign’s slogan was ‘let’s start a revolution’, but there is a silent understanding — I presume even amongst most of Srdja Popovic’s voters — that that is not going to happen. Not just because the voter turnout was pretty low, not just because the Rector doesn’t really do all...

Blade Runner 2049: Why it’s the best movie of the year

Deputy Viewpoint Editor Laurent Bélanger argues his case for why Denis Villeneuve's sequel to the sci-fi classic is exceptional in both style and substance

A review of party conferences

Lewis Frain reviews the party conference season

St Andrews must do more for poorer students

Deputy viewpoint editor Sasha Gisborne argues that St Andrews should do more for poorer students

Gender Balance

Ruby Carter explores the impact of having university with a majority female student body.

A German Jamaica?

“Coalition” is a dirty word in Britain. Reactions to the very idea don’t vary in their negativity. In Germany, they are a welcome necessity. This time, however, it’s going to be different.

Homage to Unity

Viewpoint Deputy Editor Laurent Bélanger makes the case for unity in Spain