Sunday, October 22, 2017
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A review of party conferences

Lewis Frain reviews the party conference season

St Andrews must do more for poorer students

Deputy viewpoint editor Sasha Gisborne argues that St Andrews should do more for poorer students

Gender Balance

Ruby Carter explores the impact of having university with a majority female student body.

A German Jamaica?

“Coalition” is a dirty word in Britain. Reactions to the very idea don’t vary in their negativity. In Germany, they are a welcome necessity. This time, however, it’s going to be different.

Homage to Unity

Viewpoint Deputy Editor Laurent Bélanger makes the case for unity in Spain

The Importance of Consent

Emma Sibbald asks whether halls' workshops go far enough in trying to tackle the big issues relating to consent and what more the St Andrews community can do.

Bring back grammar schools

Archie Batra praises the surprising inclusivity of grammar schools and shows us why we should bring them back

On Free Speech

Freedom of Speech is the hallmark of a democratic state. It is the right to criticise, condemn, and express contrary opinions. Yet there are those who feel threatened by this, those who claim the so called “right” not to be offended, which is responsible for a growing fear of speaking out and expressing unpopular opinions. 

Don’t ban Uber

Uber provides a great service to the people of London, why ban it?

No news is good news

Rachael Murray argues that we should stop reading the news.