Thursday, December 7, 2017
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Multiple break-ins reported in St Andrews

On the 26 and 28 November through the “Lost & Found in St Andrews” Facebook page, two women reported break-ins to their houses in the early morning, both warning that the perpetrator was after cash or small valuables. Fourth-year geology student Sarah Rowan and her flatmate, Becky Casement, who live in the Auld Burn area, were broken into...

Conservatives suspend two students over online comments following Saint investigation

National party to conduct investigation as University condemns comments as “puerile and abhorrent”

InFocus: Jamie Rodney, campaign manager for Rector Srdja Popovic

Jamie Rodney talks memes, stripy hats, selfies and stickers with The Saint

Plans for 104-bed private student accomodation revealed

     Robertson Property Ltd. recently announced their plans to build a new development consisting of a 90-bed hotel, 104-bed student accommodation building, 89 car parking spots, and bicycle parking spaces. The development would span over two blocks and be located at Abbey Park. Robertson announced their plans on Friday 6 October at a public consultation meeting with the...

This extreme bigotry should be condemned by all

The University has described the comments by members of the St Andrews Conservative and Unionist Association, revealed by The Saint today, as “puerile and abhorrent.” They could not be more correct. The comments range from the insensitive, to the offensive, to the completely bizarre and it is heartening to see the Scottish Conservative party take such swift action in suspending...

Principal rebutes Michael Gove

The Principal of the University of St Andrews, Sally Mapstone, has challenged the comments of government minister Michael Gove during the Brexit campaign regarding experts being elitist. Mr Gove was in fact taught by Professor Mapstone during his time at the University of Oxford, where he studied English at Lady Margaret College, receiving an upper second-class degree. During the Brexit campaign,...

Principal received R&A membership following Louise Richardson snub

The Royal and Ancient previously did not accept women members.

Students’ Association holds second Brexit survey

The online survey requires students to login although all responses will remain anonymous

Councils reject motion to endorse Rector-elect Srdja Popovic’s manifesto aims

The decision followed Mr Popovic's overwhelming victory in last week's Rectorial election.

Editorial 214: Put up or shut up – voting is open

Ever been unhappy about some aspect of life in St Andrews? Ever been disgruntled with the University for seemingly not paying attention to your interests? Ever bemoaned the housing situation in this town and wondered why something could not be done about it? Then vote in today’s Rectorial elections. The Rector is your representative. They sit on University Court, our...