Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Addressing a culture of student exploitation

The Saint’s investigation of our town’s hospitality industry revealed not only a culture of student exploitation in several local establishments but also the difficulties of addressing said problem. Harassment, exploitation, and underpayment are common issues in the restaurant industry. In a student haven, however, this behaviour is particularly reprehensible. St Andrews has an unusual demographic composition: it is a town...

University staff join collaborative housing research project

Last week, the School of Geography and Sustainable Development announced that senior members of its staff have joined a major research project focused on collecting housing-related data. The Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence will be granted a total of £7.5 million from various charities and research institutions. St Andrews joins eight universities and four institutions helping with the project. The...

IR focus group voices concerns with School

The Saint recently acquired a document compiled by School of International Relations class representatives that details concerns expressed in a focus group of second-year students. In addition to module evaluation questionnaires, the School of IR collects student feedback through focus groups and surveys conducted throughout the year. The document centres on a late-February discussion of student experiences with the school’s...

InFocus: The Deliveroo Riders of St Andrews

The latest addition to St Andrews' takeaway industry is well-known by students and locals alike. Deliveroo has been active in St Andrews for several months, allowing students to fulfil their craving for restaurants such as Tailend, Nandos, and Pizza Express. Not many walks in town happen without a glimpse of a turquoise blur on a bike carrying someone’s food...

Four arrested for assaulting student

A University of St Andrews student was assaulted by a group of four individuals on the evening of Friday 7 April, according to police. A Police Scotland spokeswoman said that four individuals have been arrested following the assault. The 20-year-old victim said the incident occurred in Hepburn Gardens just after midnight as he was walking from his residence to town....

Principal announces creation of accommodation working group

Announced in an interview with The Saint, the group will address common student concerns with University accommodation.

Student assaulted on Abbey Walk

Police have confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into the assault. No arrests have been made.

In Focus: Lorraine Callaghan, Member for Age Equality

Lorraine Callaghan is setting up a Life Long Learners Association to ensure mature students feel more included in student life.

Students for Britain petition University to fly Union flag over Sallies Chapel

The University of St Andrews Students for Britain initiated a petition to fly the Union flag over St Salvator’s Chapel on 29 March in response to the British government’s invocation of Article 50. 29 March marked the formal beginning of Britain’s departure from the European Union. In  an  official  letter  to  European Council President Donald Tusk, Prime Minister Theresa May wrote,...

Third-year Lib Dem candidate joins council race

Third-year international relations student Mariam Mahmood will act as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the upcoming Fife Council elections.