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Market Street

New year, new section

Freshers’ tip #4: To buy or not to buy

If you're not already getting adjusted to life in the Bubble, then you're probably agonising over what things you need to take with you to university. Stores are full of anxious parents queuing up to buy their lovely sons and daughters things that they might find useful as students. Many people, when planning what to take, resort to the...

Freshers’ tips #2 and #3: Budgeting and books

Make sure you don't get caught out by one of the biggest financial mistakes students make. Check out the previous tip to learn how you can avoid falling into this trap! Tip #2: Budgeting If you thought insurance was interesting, I bet you're dying to find out about how best to budget at university. No? Like many of these tips, these things...

Getting a job: tales of Superdry and Superdrug

Getting a job alongside your studies can be both fun and useful, as Camilla Henfrey explains

Freshers’ tip #1: Insurance

Exams are over. Results (for some) are in. You've done it - congratulations. Now the excitement starts to build as the days tick down until you arrive in 'the bubble'. But with excitement comes, understandably, a slight nervousness. The majority of people who start St Andrews go not knowing anyone, not having lived by themselves before, and not knowing how to work a...

Music festivals: How to eat, drink and play for FREE

Festival season is well underway. Seasoned festival-goers will be more than aware of the impact these often 3 day long raves can have on your liver, your personal hygiene, and your wallet. Plenty of water-only days and several long hot showers can usually solve the first two, but if you want to have a great time without worrying about rupturing your overdraft limit, you might want to start thinking green. For the past four...

Internship reviewed

Last summer I completed a three month internship at the London office of Cancer Research UK. I had never previously considered working for a charity and did not realise the wide range of roles available. I really had no idea what kind of internships were on offer, especially for a Classics student like myself, and the idea of working...

Market Street

This is the time of year when many St Andreans are contemplating the fast approaching cliff that is graduation. If you’re still considering your options, Alice Ralston’s experience offers a compelling case for the not-for-profit sector. If I may, I’d like to add my two cents. For far too long the philanthropy, or charity, sector has struggled to capture our...

24 hours Facebook stalking… Tesco UK

This week we focused on Tesco’s Facebook page. With 1.17 million likes, there is a lot of scope for complaints to be seen, shared and commented on. The comments range from the trivial (‘You can't deny... Aldi’s cheaper’) to the satisfied (‘I bought for the first time the Tesco Finest Beetroot and Horseradish dip....... absolutely delicious - I am...

Response to ‘Market Street’

Joshua Msika, coordinator of Transition St Andrews and third year student (BSc Hons Sustainable Development), replies to Elliott Miskin's latest 'Market Street' column. I'll take the flippant questions first: I'm personally in favour of 100 SINNERS constituting 1 SAINT. However, this takes us into shaky theological territory and that is definitely not my area of expertise. Serious questions next: no, you...