Friday, March 23, 2018
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DONT WALK Revamped

Deputy features editor Julia Bennett shares a preview detailing DONT WALK's new website and model announcement in anticipation for the 2018 fashion show.

Homeless, and all the richer

Raisa Muhtar discusses Fife's alarmingly high homeless rate and what students can do about it.

Town Meets Gown: An Orchestra of Collaborations

St Andrews and Fife Community Orchestra presents a unique opportunity for musical collaboration between students and community members.

The Lafayette Club: Adrian Woolridge

It seems all too fitting that it was none other than Adrian Wooldridge himself travelling all the way north to the middle of the nowhere that is St Andrews to discuss Brexit and British politics, while on the same night, Theresa May flew to Brussels for anemergency talk in an effort to break the deadlock over Brexit negotiations. Despite the looming deadlines that most classes decided to...

For Her: Promoting Girls’ Education Abroad

The 'For Her' Society stress the importance of access to education for girls across the world, and explain how a little can go a long way, as they embark on their new campaign supporting the Gamjabad High School in Pakistan.

The Northern Lights in St Andrews

How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.

The Bacchae in the Modern World

The Saint: What prompted you to put on this play? Gabriele Uboldi: I’ve always loved Greek tragedies. I went to a particular kind of high school that involved studying Latin and Ancient Greek, and so I did study all of that stuff, both the language and the culture. I studied ancient theatre as well, and I loved it. Actually, for my final project for high school I had to study The...

Politics through the eyes of the meme

Josh Stevens discusses the rising role of memes in politics, and how meme culture can greatly affect public opinions.

10 years of On the Rocks: Events

OTR Head of Programing Benjamin Osugo shares the inside scoop on OTR's events: what to look out for, what to get excited for and some of the most memorable ones of festivals past.

Cinque città: Italy the hub of activities and sights

Sarah John shares her favourite memories from a summer trip to five of Italy's most notable and astonishing cities.