Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Gender equality in the bubble

In light of recent international affairs, the topic of equality for all has risen to the top of the list for discussion. And with International Women’s Day coming up on 8 March 2017, it is an appropriate time to look at how gender equality in St Andrews has changed over the years, if it has at all. To find...

The Student Voluntary Service

A conversation with Student Voluntary Service, Sarah Rodway-Swanson about the goals, programs, and how to get involved with SVS.

NEVEN: the student behind the sweatshirts

Catwalk 2017 was Luka Terihaj’s second time exhibiting his clothing at the show, and he remains St Andrews’ most prominent student designer. Mr Terihaj’s Season Two designs are crisp, vivid, and unique - and, after the show, they sold out. The Saint spoke to Mr Terihaj about his brand, his thoughts on clothing, and fashion culture. Mr Terihaj’s interest in...

A student’s guide to dinner parties

Rebecca Wilson shares her top tips and tricks on how to throw a great dinner party in St Andrews.

Lips Magazine: students vs sexism

Lips Magazine, a student-based movement and soon-to-be online publication, is taking action to spread a new vision of gender equality within St Andrews. The magazine hopes to reverse readily accepted practices and mentalities by hosting open discussions and publishing written work, music, and forms of visual art in an online blog that expresses individuals’ feelings and emotions. Lips Magazine was...

Do I really need that book about Hygge?

A fashionable phenomenon in Britain yet a simple outlook on life for Danes, the word “hygge” means different things to different people. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” according to Google, there is no doubt that this simple concept is now worth a considerable amount of money. Go into any bookshop and you will find several books on the subject; even lifestyle shops...

LGBT+ students and mental health

It has been difficult to ignore the rising attention given to mental health over the last several years. Health care for such issues has long paled in comparison to those with physical ailments, but recently there has been an increased focus on correcting this inequality.

The Tennent’s lager saga

At the beginning of last semester, Tennent’s enthusiasts Tom Coombes and Will Abell were confronted with a harsh reality: Tennent’s at the Union had been replaced by Carling. This change sparked an angry response that eventually led to the creation of the Tennent’s Appreciation Society and a petition to "Bring back our Vitamin T."

Digital dependence: social media in St Andrews

Whether you’re walking down the street, sitting in a café or pub, or simply looking around a lecture theatre, an abundance of screens will meet your gaze. This is because, for the modern student, social media is the go-to source for everything from juicy gossip to political debates. But what would life in St Andrews be like without it? The Saint surveyed 100 students and found that 64 per...

36 hours in Denver

As a born and bred Coloradan, the first question I get asked, after the obvious yet somewhat suspicious “so you’ve done pot?” is always “you must be a big skier, then?” Well, the sad truth is no. I have never been skiing. Although Breckenridge, Aspen, Vail – all the renowned resorts – are only a few hours’ distance from my house, and I can see the glorious, snow-capped...