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Monday, November 19, 2018

Editorial Board 2017-2018

Joint Editor-in-chief

Andrew Sinclair editor@thesaint-online.com 

Andrew is a fourth-year Modern History and International Relations student. Now in his fifth semester on the editorial board, he is hoping to guide the Saint from strength to strength. Hailing from South London, Andrew also currently writes for the American website Voices of Wrestling and the British publication Fighting Spirit Magazine. When he’s not focusing on the newspaper, you can guarantee he’ll be watching sport. From rugby to boxing and from football to darts, if it’s on, Andrew will be watching!

Joint Editor-in-Chief

Olivia Gavoyanniseditor@thesaint-online.com

Olivia is a fourth-year English Literature student from Brighton. She joined The Saint’s Editorial Team as Features editor at the beginning of her second year at St Andrews, and has been battling with (Camilla) the ancient computer in The Saint’s office ever since. Olivia is excited to take on the joint position of Editor-in-Chief this year and is determined not to let her nemesis (Camilla) stand in the way of her vision for the paper.


Deputy Editor – Content

Tom Williams

Tom is a fourth-year International Relations student from Brighton. Having spent two years working for The Saint’s news section (the best section) – most recently as news editor, he now assists in content creation and general support across all sections of the paper. Tom survives on a purely caffeine-based diet. He doesn’t know what he would like to do after graduation, envies those who do, and wishes everyone would stop asking him.

Web editor

Georgia Anderson – web@thesaint-online.com

Georgia is a fourth-year International Relations and Modern History student from San Francisco, California. As web editor, she works to support and promote the paper’s online presence. Apart from working for The Saint, Georgia loves traveling, reading, live music, and Louis Theroux.

Business manager

Sasha Veliko-Shapko – saint.businessteam@gmail.com 

Sasha is a fourth-year Psychology student hailing from the great state of California. As business manager, she ensures the paper has adequate funding to be printed. When she isn’t pestering local companies for advertisements, Sasha hopes to visit 100 countries (she’s at 62 now) before turning 25… and maybe have time to finish her degree in the process.

News editor

Annie Smith – news@thesaint-online.com   

Annie is a second-year English, Spanish, and Italian student from Memphis, Tennessee. As news editor, she works to report on the stories that concern the St Andrews community accurately and without bias. When she’s not reporting for The Saint, you can find Annie crossing countries off her travel bucket list, planning events for Agnes Blackadder Hall, and taking long walks on the beach, or to ALDI.

Viewpoint editor

Kait Shaw – viewpoint@thesaint-online.com

Money editor

Jolie Minh Tran money@thesaint-online.com

Jolie is a fourth-year International Relations student from the paradise of coffee – Vietnam. She started writing for The Saint on a whim in her first semester of university but has since then found the calling too great to stop. Jolie enjoys observing and finding odd patterns in people’s behaviour (in a non-creepy way!) As Money editor, she hopes to link these observations to economics principles and thereby making the world of economics more fun (which she discovered upon reading The Undercover Economist). When she is supposed to be studying, Jolie finds herself learning random facts and getting to know people from different backgrounds. 

Features editor

Kenalyn Ang – features@thesaint-online.com

Kenalyn Ang is a fourth-year International Relations and Comparative Literature student. She previously served as deputy features editor and, apart from working with and writing for The Saint, occasionally contributes to other student publications in St Andrews. She enjoys dancing, cooking, talking, petting dogs and some good comic relief. Stay updated with the Feature Teams on Twitter @SaintFeatures.

Events editor

Bri Patersonevents@thesaint-online.com

Events Editor Brianna is an Ancient and Modern History student from London. She’s been writing for The Saint since her first year at university – when she swore she’d do something to come out of her cave. As a result, she’s now been writing for the Events section for four years. Determined not to miss out on any of the St Andrews events, Bri attempts to make it to something hosted by every single university society.

Arts & Culture editors

Laszlo is a fourth-year studying Film Studies and Comparative Literature in a joint degree. Born in Budapest and raised in rural Hungary, he grew up stacking his shelves with books and DVDs. As an avid film lover, he gladly grabs the camera to experiment with recording and editing. He joined The Saint when he saw an opportunity to help break down the binary between high culture and pop culture in writing. Besides his journalistic interests, he hopes to make feature films on a professional scale one day.

Sport editor

Harry Dean – sport@thesaint-online.com

Photography chief

Sammi Ciardi – photography@thesaint-online.com

Sammi is a fourth-year International Relations student. Her main passions are photography and journalism, which led to her interest in being the photography editor for The Saint. Besides photography, she loves to exercise and adventure. Sammi hopes that one day she will be a photojournalist for Time or National Geographic.
Video editor

Elisa Jockyman Roithmann – video@thesaint-online.com

Illustration chief

Gabby Wolf – illustration@thesaint-online.com

Gabrielle is an undergraduate student reading for a degree in Geography. She enjoys almost everything.

Senior copy editors

Amy Elliott – ase4@st-andrews.ac.uk

Amy Elliott is a fourth-year student of French and English Literature who hails from Yorkshire. In the very little spare time she has (all that copy editing!) she enjoys eating ALDI’s 55p chocolate chunk cookies, making potato salad, meeting up with friends for Taste lattes and chocolate twists (sense a theme?), and FaceTiming her dog.

James Fox – jaf23@st-andrews.ac.uk

James is a fourth-year Modern History student from the village of Gullane, not far from Edinburgh. He previously served as deputy money editor and enjoys writing the occasional piece for Sport. Outside The Saint he co-presents a music show on STAR and spends the rest of his time playing the guitar, shaking cocktails, and trying not to burn whatever he’s cooking.