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The Saint

The Saint is an independent newspaper written and run by students at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. The Saint is not affiliated with the University or the Students’ Association, maintaining complete editorial and financial independence. The staff are full-time students, with committee members being elected by their peers; editors, sub-editors, writers, photographers and business team members are drawn from the breadth of the student body. The Saint publishes ten issues per academic year, aiming primarily to inform and engage with our fellow students.

The Saint Online

This is the online edition of the paper, with additional content such as blogs and multimedia. The website has seen several iterations since The Saint first went online in 1999, and the website in its current form has existed since 2012. The design of the site has always been created by students at the University, allowing students another opportunity to get involved.

History of The Saint

The Saint as we know it dates back to 1984, when it was published under the name The Chronicle. In 1997 it was decided to re-brand the paper as The Saint. The first Editor of The Saint was Tim Samuels, now a BBC journalist, presenter and documentary filmmaker. The paper and its writers went on to win several awards, including Student Newspaper of the Year from The Herald (1998, 2004) and The Guardian (2003, 2004).

While being an independent publication, The Saint has often been affected by its relationships with the University and Students’ Association. These relations have occasionally been stormy, particularly in 2004, when the Students’ Association evicted The Saint from its office in the Union building for remarks made in an editorial about Welsh people being worthy of suspicion for “evil doings since they spawned the caterwauling Charlotte Church.”

Although reinstated soon after, The Saint has since sought to comply with the editorial standards expected of a national newspaper and to open up to a more diverse student audience. As a result, the paper has become less of a tabloid in its style and content, as sections such as ‘Halo!’ (which essentially comprised of photographs of event-goers in compromising positions) have been replaced and greater emphasis has been put on more varied features and cultural pieces.

Today, The Saint continues in print form (the paper being free since 2008), although it has developed as all newspapers must in order to survive the media revolution. The Saint Online features aspects of the publication and supplementary content, as well as allowing the organisation to make use of social media.

The Saint no longer has the media monopoly it once held in St Andrews. That challenge has spurred the journalists among us to aim to produce a consistently honest and worthy output of news, features and reviews for the St Andrews community.

Past Saint editors 

1997-98: Tim Samuels
1998: Jenny Marra
1998-99: Andrew Murray-Watson
1999-2000: Euan McLeish
2000-01: John Bowker
2001-02: Robbie Collin
2002-03: Alex Brant-Zawadzki
2003-04: Mark Kirby
2004-05: Jo Kerr
2005-06: Chloe Robertson
2006: Florencia Soto
2007-07: Andrew Keenan
2007-08: Robert Williams
2008-09: Casey Hollis
2009-10: Scott Newton
2010-11: Rachel Hanretty
2011-12: Andreea Nemes
2012-13: Richard Browne
2013: Craig Lye

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  • The eternal freshers’ dilemma: to study or to socialise?

    The eternal freshers’ dilemma: to study or to socialise?

    I’ve barely studied for two years and don’t regret a thing I am about to embark on my third year at St Andrews. I do so with a certain degree of trepidation, in the knowledge that every piece of writing I submit will be scrutinised, measured and ultimately added together to form those two all-important...

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  • The alternative guide to St Andrews

    The alternative guide to St Andrews

    So you’ve been to Cathedral and the Ruins and you’ve had your picnics on the beach in the Botanic Gardens. But what next? Here’s a list of seven lesser- known sights and attractions which you must visit during your time in St Andrews. 1. Print and Design Office Known as one of the most difficult...

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  • Misty weather means CROSSWALK misses the mark

    Misty weather means CROSSWALK misses the mark

    Who doesn’t love an event at Kinkell? Or better yet, day drinking? It appears that the Fashion Shows have been colluding as the year has started off with not one, but two day drinking ‘festivals’ to kick off the Fashion season. Riding on the coat tails of FS’s launch event Starfields, DONT WALK’s newest...

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  • R&A vote to allow women membership

    R&A vote to allow women membership

    The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is to admit women members it was announced today, following a vote by members. 85 per cent voted in favour of admitting women. 2,400 members of the club were asked to vote by postal ballot on whether this ancient institution should allow women members. 75...

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  • To the byline

    To the byline

    Hello and welcome to the 184th edition of The Saint; the first of this academic year and the first in my tenure as editor of this section. Before starting, I’d like to put on the record my excitement for the job and the hope that I can continue, and even improve upon, the good work of my predecessor...

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