1. It’s a shame this article does not really explore why people where unhappy, which include men and yes… many, many women. If men had a problem with a female super-hero, why have the majority WANTED a Black Widow or Scarlet Witch film for many years? Similarly, the majority of these fans loved Aliens, Underworld, Resident Evil, Terminator etc, which all had strong female lead characters. Also, didn’t these same fans love and help Wonder Woman become a financial success? I wonder what was different about Captain Marvel then? Rather than me explaining my reasons here,` perhaps people reading this article could watch many visual podcast on ‘You tube’ and discover the many reasons for themselves. But it has nothing to do with men disliking diversity, as comic book / science fiction fans are one of the most accepting communities. AGAIN, it’s a shame the author of this article couldn’t have written a more balanced and honest piece of journalism, which doesn’t support dishonest or exaggerated views. To anyone reading this article….. REMEMBER, don’t just read something and accept it as fact. ALWAYS question and research the honesty of view points being explored within an article. Journalist have a responsibility to report news in an honest and attempted unbiased view.

    If the author of this article is honestly believing the words they have written in this article, you are very welcome to contact me. I’ll happy provide a VERY different and honest view point, which attempts to be unbiased.


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