1. 73% of people under 25 did not vote for brexit it was 71% you have used the demographics of a pre referendum poll that showed remain winning therefore the actual number of people who voted remain under 25 when weighted inline with what happened is 71%. If you use polls that got the wrong result to calculate information without weighting it you are spreading fake news which you have chosen to do with the the first words of your article. (https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2016/06/27/how-britain-voted). Of the around 20 non EU European countries you only need a visa to visit 2 Russia and Belarus which we have bad relations with we would have visa free travel with all EU countries outside of the EU if we have it with Moldova and Montenegro we will have it with Spain. Being able to opt out of an EU rule is not an EU benefit. Also the EU is not the same thing as Europe something remainers constantly either have trouble understanding or more likely lie to obfuscate the issue. There will be no stockpiling of food or queues at Dover due to Brexit more fake news with 0 evidence. The UK is in Europe so Europe is not somewhere you travel to go to as you say in your article. The fact you worked for an organisation supposedly “Infacts, a news organisation making the fact-based case against Brexit” given the above issues with the truth shows a great deal about the truthfulness of that organisations claims

  2. Maybe mr Tom Learmonth wants to rewrite his drivel three months on and only six weeks to go what clever words does he have for Mrs May?
    The next referendum should be to see us free from Westminster, if Ireland & Norway can be the 4&5 richest countries in the world why can’t Scotland be up there ??


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