The Other Guys: Our Leavers’ Concert: The Parting Glass Review

Lakshmi Sreedhar takes a final look at The Other Guys at their goodbye concert for the year.

Photo: Arnold-Emeric Haidu

Ever since I first applied to St. Andrews, I had heard about ‘The Other Guys’. Eleven handsome eligible bachelors have been bringing unseen amounts of energy and enthusiasm to their live shows. Thanks to their dedicated fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia and even their own website, we are never disappointed!

But that’s not what we take away from their past live performances — something they’ve perfected since 2004— it’s clear that now they have embarked on a journey with something to prove. Judging by their mesmerising and sentimental performance during their Leavers’ concert, “Parting Glass”, at the All Saints’ Church, they’ve more than hit their stride. The Other Guys isn’t what you’d call a dance group, but they were up to the task of keeping people on their feet, and possibly stomping them, for their two-hour set.

The acapella group’s onstage persona is far removed from what you might see reflected in interviews. Making it their mission to involve the audiences, they never fail to reach their ultimate goal – entertaining the audience so much so that they are either roaring with laughter during the funny songs and dances or crying during emotional goodbyes.

Humour and hope contended with passion and sensitivity in their initial song when they performed their hit charity single, Raining Men. Since it was the first time that I heard the song, I was surprised when they turned this seemingly serious song, into a very sensual, yet hilarious performance of ABBA’s Gimme Gimme with group members trying to take the shirt off one of the guys named George.

This was followed by Enrique’s Hero with one of the guys even whispering, “Let me be your hero”.

Next, they performed Attention with choreography that they had used while contesting for the UK acapella finals.

After performing Lonesome Road, suddenly one of the guys started singing,

“Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy
Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy”.

Naturally, the audience went wild, cameras were flashing all around and everybody was grooving to the tune, while Thomas and Arthur, two of the other guys sang Despicato in fluent Spanish. The rendition of St. Andrean Skies quickly followed with the heart-warming lyrics, “As I lie in my bed, the dreams in my head take me back to St. Andrews again”. But no show is complete without a tribute to our university’s very own power couple, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate and Wills’ Royal Romance with Laurence leading the solo. Way to rewrite Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

A performance which had the word Dundee ensued. It was later I realized that the song was called Dixie and none of the group members actually lived in Dundee. Subsequently they performed acapella covers of Run to you, Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca and All Night Long. From there, the group switched gears and The Other Guys began performing two soulful tunes, the Parting Glass and Hard to Say Goodbye, which led to several members onstage almost about to cry, while some of people in the audience actually did cry. Hard to Say Goodbye was supposed to be the concluding act.

But their melodious voices weren’t about to rest so soon. They quickly took the fans into the most familiar territory, going into wild string group mode for St. Andrew’s Girls, the early 2012 hit as an encore. The song ended with all of them trying to pull each other in a weird comical manner while the crowd burst out laughing.

Last Friday night, the All Saints’ Church saw the best of Saints, the musical geniuses, perform together one last time. You can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the East Fife Coast!


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