On Wednesday 9 May, over 20 St Andrews Officer Cadets will take on a Nando’s lock-in to raise money for a military charity, through a series of food challenges from 11:30am to 10pm.

The initiative was launched by Robbie McDiarmid on Wednesday 21 March, who created the event with other members of the St Andrews OTC (Officers’ Training Corps).

Mr McDiarmid said, “The idea came about after a weekend-long OTC event was cancelled on short notice and we realised none of us had anything planned. Nando’s is our go-to choice for OTC meals anyway, so we thought the natural progression was to lock ourselves in for an entire day.”

He added, “As members of the OTC, and having worked closely with service personnel for almost 4 years, the chosen charity is hugely important to us all. The majority of us taking part have also physically seen the incredible impact that careful rehabilitation of injured veterans can have on those individuals and their families.”

As of Sunday 6 May, the group has raised £1,020 through 69 supporters, already surpassing their initial goal of £1,000.

Their new, unofficial goal is now £1,500, at which point they state that a two-year vegetarian has volunteered to eat a whole chicken.

The donation process has been advertised on Facebook with friends and supporters able to vote for what food challenges the group must complete on Wednesday 9 May, with a new food challenge for every £250 raised.

The food challenges met so far are one yoghurt float for everyone (£250), one extra-hot meal (£500), one frozen yoghurt with peri peri sauce (£750), and one meal eaten without using hands (£1,000).

Along with these group goals, participating individuals have also created their own goals.

Georgie Harwell plans to eat a Jumbo Platter, or two chickens and 5 large sides, James Howe and Duncan Smith plan to drink the most soft drinks in one day, or around 100, and others will eat an extra-hot chicken in extra-hot sauce under a time limit.

Mr MacDiarmid and Orry Kneale also plan to beat an unofficial world record of seven chickens in one day, set by the character “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones.”

The group will live-stream any record-breaking challenges on their Facebook page, The Ultimate Charity Nando’s Lock-In, and have a collection bucket for donations outside Nando’s on Wednesday 9 May.

On support from Nando’s, Mr MacDiarmid said, “The people at Nando’s have worked hard to make this event happen as well, and seem genuinely as excited as we are.”


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