Sponsored: New flavours at Nardini’s

In preparation for the summer weather, the popular St Andrews ice-cream store and cafe has released new seasonal flavours and products.


With summer just around the corner, Nardini’s is now selling their new summer ice-cream flavours. Like their other ice-creams, their new summer flavours will be made fresh in the store each morning using a traditional slow churned method and only organic dairy. The new Spritz flavour is made with lemon, orange, and rosemary botanical extracts imported from Italy. Their other summer flavour, Gin and Mango, has been selling out and seems to be popular amongst students and locals on hot St Andrews days.

Photo: Olivia Hendren

In just a few weeks, Nardini’s will also be making their own gluten-free waffle cones in house each day. Customers will have the option to add chocolate and nuts to the tops of their cones.

As Nardini’s does not wholesale their ice-cream, their South Street location is the only place where one can try the new flavours. The café has also recently installed screens around the store where you can watch as the fresh ice-cream is being made daily.

Photo: Olivia Hendren

In addition to the new ice-cream flavours, Nardini’s new management has recently created his own line of energy drinks. Afrodysia, which will soon be sold in their café comes in three different flavours, each with their own benefits and coloured with three different types of food safe glitter. The silver flavour has tonic water undertones and the gold tastes similar to other leading brand energy drinks. Nardini’s suggests pairing the silver with gin, bronze with whiskey, and gold with champagne.

*Please drink responsibly when mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages, as high volumes of both substances, whether alone or combined, can pose health risks.


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