Review: May Ball 2018

With attractions, good food, décor, and company May Ball 2018 was truly an event to remember.

Photo: Henry Memmott

May Ball is certainly one of the most complex and compelling balls that the university puts on. Not only is it a fun event full of rides, different stages, beautiful décor, but it is also the last ball of the season. This means that people of all different years can be found partying it up at Kinkell Byre–it’s a sort of last hurrah if you will. May Ball is the last major event before exam season, which means that it’s really a chance for people to release some stress and go a bit mad.

With pastel colours, flowers, and gowns galore, May Ball can be a truly lovely spring-time celebration–especially due to the weather this year being exceptionally warm and sunny. It is also an event to celebrate the academic year and bring it to a close with your friends, which as I have explored before seems to be a huge part of what makes these events so enjoyable.

Besides the company, however, let’s look to the actual event. Though it was held at Kinkell Byre, as many events have been in the past, there was something special about this night. For one, the rides! I don’t know about everyone else, but I found it so fun to have three different rides the chose from at this event. The added variety to the usual standard one ride that can normally be found at Byre events was a huge plus. The line getting so long as the night goes on is a bit of downfall, but the rides are overall such a unique and unique aspect of this ball.

Another thing I appreciated was the décor. As I mentioned very briefly before, the décor was beautiful. White panels of fabric draped elegantly on the ceiling, paired with fairy lights created an inviting atmosphere. It was curiously married with quite loud dj music, however–an odd pairing, but one that people seemed to enjoy nonetheless.

Moving on from the main event, I want to discuss the VIP section of the ball. One of the surprising things about various events that I have gone to this year is the serious lack of variety or uniqueness in the VIP sections. At some events, the regular and VIP sections could easily be the same if not for maybe the perk of “free” drinks (the freeness of them being questionable due to the already higher prices for VIP tickets). Therefore, it was to my surprise that going VIP at May Ball is completely different.

The VIP section was like an event on its own. There were two completely separate tents, one with a main stage and bar and the other with some seating area, free donuts, and popcorn. I have to say the vibe was a bit more chilled. Compared to the blaring dance music and darker tent of the main event, the VIP section offered a more elegant (for lack of a better word) environment. This is not to say that one was better than the other, but I highlight more to offer congratulations the event coordinators for actually delivering two distinct environments and experiences, something that I think many events fail to accomplish.

All in all, May Ball was a wonderful event to close out the event season this semester. The event planners truly succeeded in delivering a fun filled night to help students let loose and lose some of their exams worries, or at least forget them so a night. With attractions, good food, décor, and company May Ball 2018 was truly an event to remember.


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