When and Where? How to avoid ‘Fear of Missing Out’

Deputy Events Editor Bri Paterson gives the rundown on the remaining events this Semester


What with the term starting to dwindle off many may be mistaken in thinking that the social calendar is at a standstill. Far from it: this half of term is one of the most active socially with fresh new events mingling with old time favourites. Now with a lot of these events having limited ticket sales frequently you have to be attached to your computer as the ticket sales drop.

Therefore, we at The Saint have compiled a list of what not to miss out on just so you don’t have to! Many people tend to think that this half term isn’t fashionable at all, and all of the fashion events are done when FS and Don’t Walk shut their doors.

In reality there are two key events that are happening in the upcoming months that are truly a celebration of culture and style in an incredibly positive manner. On one hand we have Label Fashion Show: A Deconstructed Fairytale on the Friday 13 April, a relatively newly established St Andrews tradition that has made great steps in gathering a following in recent years. Focusing on the idea of inclusiveness combined with beautiful style Label is a little more ‘out there’ than FS can be described.

However, on the same night is Sitara Prayana, another charity fashion show that instead focuses on the progression of Asian design and celebrates colour in their pieces. Furthermore Szentek are hosting a ‘Gone Fishing’ event as an afterparty for Sitara, although you do have to purchase a separate ticket for that. These events couldn’t be more different, yet both still have tickets available for purchase. Now I might be breaking the rules a little here as tickets for this event have already sold out, but since it’s the first year it’s being held I think it’s worth mentioning St Andrews Fight Club night on the Tuesday 17 April. Promising a series of different fights between amateur students all witnessed in the comfort of Kinkell Byre with a drink in your hand, it’s difficult not to see the appeal of this fresh new event. As with most events I’m sure there will be some ticket resells on Facebook closer to the time so keep your eyes out for a chance to attend.

One of the most ‘St Andrews’ events to ever be thought up is arguably St Andrews Charity Polo tournament, which happens at Errol Park on the Saturday 21 April. Although it frequently combats miserable weather (so pack a coat) standing around drinking champagne while support – ing Help for Heroes is a great way to spend a day, and the committee have recorded that every year it has been running the number of guests has risen. Tickets are on sale for £25 for a classic ticket, so pack a picnic and you can have a relatively cheap day, all while supporting a great cause. We wouldn’t be talking about b i g events if we didn’t mention the Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball happening on the Sunday 6 May just be – fore we all jump into the sea to cleanse us of our sins. Although a bit pricier this year which has created some backlash (regular tickets will set you back £50) it’s still a major event on most St Andrews’ student calendars, particularly as it gives us girls an excuse to pull out our ball gowns. Much like Christmas ball it’s a night of fun games and rides at Kinkell Byre, with complimentary treats at the start for those who arrive early enough. Tickets have already been made available on Fixr but every year they consistently sell out so be sure to get on that as soon as possible for fear of missing out.

And for the big finale in our St Andrews social calendar is Graduation and Summer Ball that happens on the Saturday 30 June, so outside of term time. While you may think that this ball is just for those of us in our final year tickets are open to everybody so if you’re still around in town and want a good night out to break up the boredom of the long summer then this is the event to go. It can be especially useful if you’re looking to put off that Summer internship a few more days or weeks. It’s particularly good to go if you have friends in final year and want to party in style when saying goodbye. A crowning moment in the final flourish that is set to send students off into the Summer sun.


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