What to wear in April

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Oh April… the month of final deadlines and events. With most students’ social calendars being filled with events, we all find ourselves turning to our closets and trying to decide what to wear. After a year with every event theme under the sun, many of us are facing the dilemma of finding an outfit unlike any previously worn. Now, this month may include many of the hall balls, as well as many of the society and sports team’s final balls, but it is also home to many of our less traditional affairs.  With the majority of students wearing relatively traditional ball attire to the aforementioned events, here are some suggestions for what to wear to a few of our more contemporary occasions.


St Andrews Fight Club 2018:
The first rule of fight club is that you DO NOT talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club is that you DO dress for the occasion. Ladies could go a bit more on the sultry side, with lots of black in assorted fabrics. Don that little black dress with a pair of over the knee boots or a black silk jumpsuit with sky-high pumps/high heels. For the men not entering the ring, you can never go wrong with a classic black blazer, but maybe add a dark coloured shirt underneath for another layer of depth. Due to it being a more semi-formal event, ties and bowties aren’t necessarily needed, also allowing for many to branch out with more unique outfits.

2018 St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament:
Enter the pastels. All the southerners here finally have a chance to break out what used to be our norm. For the men go for light pinks, purples, blues and greens. It’s officially spring so let there be colour! You can also never go wrong with a a seersucker (or similar) suit . Ladies, a pastel or floral dress or skirt pairs perfectly with low block heels or wedges, given the location. Also light coloured trousers paired with a bright patterned blouse is always a safe move, as are wearing any form of platform sneakers. Polo is a chance to go to the extreme in spring fashion so embrace it no matter the weather. Look at brands such as Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Light Up The Night:
Another new event for this year, Light Up The Night is a 5k run that will take place on West Sands. Put on your warmest athletic gear and get ready to dance your way through a 5k. Jazz up your standard black workout attire and look into some more colourful pieces. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and patterns, embrace them! Look into brands such as Fabletics, Lulu Lemon, Nike and Gym Shark.

The Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball 2018:
The final ball of the year, in which we all break out our tuxedos and most formal dresses for one last hurrah of the events circuit. Guys try going for a colourful bow tie or pocket square to add a pop of colour to your tuxes; or maybe with a different colour blazer. Ladies, with May Ball being one of our more formal balls, many tend to go for long rather than short dresses. Add a unique element to your outfit with a pair of statement heels or bold coloured jacket.

Each event is sure to be spectacular, as will the outfit combinations that our students churn out. Embrace the themes and take a chance on something you might never wear. Make sure to take into account the weather, but remember, you can always coat check!

Photo: Ana Campaña / flickr


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