Rogue, a new premium bar and restaurant, will be opening in St Andrews on 6 April.

The new establishment will include a restaurant, cocktail bar, and gin distillery, located on 209 South Street replacing a previous pub, Drouthy Neebors, which closed down last year.

Rogue is a six-figure investment and the first of its kind, though the owners hope to open additional venues in the UK. It will also bring 18 new jobs to St Andrews.

The establishment will feature a new bar, private dining room, and still room, where a distiller from Glasgow Distillery will produce Felons gin in customer view. For customers and tourists, they will also include gin tastings and distillery tours.

Rogue’s bar will specialise in Scottish gin and scotch whisky, along with cocktails and wines.

The preview launch event, held on 31 March, showcased their in-house distilled gin which will soon be available to purchase in bottles at their restaurant as well as at various locations around St Andrews.

Photo: Sammi Ciardi

Using the small batch distillery to their advantage, Rogue plans to release limited editions that will highlight local and seasonal flavours.

For the restaurant, it will feature local seafood with St Andrews Seafoods, including locally-landed lobster and crab, and will also focus on oysters and langoustines,

Rogue will also have a ‘Book Your Beef’ option where customers can select cuts and ageing for beef in advance, which will be sourced from Minick’s in St Andrews.

The price for steak at Rogue is higher than its other St Andrews competitors with a sirloin costing £30, in contrast to Balgove’s £18.95 and the Adamson’s £28.50. However, once speaking to the staff, it becomes clear why the price is set so high. All of their steaks are dry aged in house for a minimum of 50 days, 22 days longer than the standard 28, making the steak exceptionally tender.

Rogue’s steak was the crowd favourite as guests at the launch party had the chance to preview teriyaki steak skewers along with other small canapés and hors d’oeuvres.

Photo: Sammi Ciardi

The new restaurant is also offering a weekend brunch option along with a delicious looking lunch menu, which will provide more accessible choices for those looking to try Rogue’s food.

Graham Suttle, the director of Kained Holdings which is launching Rogue, said in a statement, “There’s a plethora of incredible local suppliers with whom we’re delighted to be working with for our outstanding produce, which we will be innovating as much as possible to get the best out of everything. We can’t wait to get going and to show St Andrews what an amazing bar and restaurant Rogue is.”

Kained Holdings has produced award-winning venues around Scotland, including Finnieston and Porter & Rye in Glasgow and Lebowskis in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

With a warm yet contemporary atmosphere and high end cuisine, Rogue’s soon addition to the St Andrews food scene adds a promising rival to their upscale cocktail and dining competitors.

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