A recently renewed campaign has brought into consideration the possibility of pedestrianising Market Street in St Andrews.

The proposal was previously debated about a decade ago, but plans were halted due to resistance from traders and councillors.

However, St Andrews residents and businesses are currently being enquired about their views on restricting vehicles in the town’s centre.

Locals have also been asked for their opinions on a multistorey car park to be built at Petheram Bridge to make up for the loss of parking spaces in Market Street.

If this car park were to be built, it would provide an extra 204 parking spaces on the northwest edge of town.

The car park is estimated to cost £9.5 million to be built, but many locals agree that, due to current lack of parking, the project would be well worth the money.

St Andrews councillor Brian Thomas believes that both projects would greatly benefit the St Andrews community as well.

Speaking to The Courier, he said, “An awful lot of local people have told me that they’d like to see Market Street pedestrianised.

“However, that’s purely anecdotal, and I know that there will be people who would be against it, particularly some of the local businesses.”

Mr. Thomas further notes that, since there are more pedestrians than cars that flow through Market Street and the majority of the space is taken up by vehicles, the proposal seems like the way to make St Andrews a more pedestrian-friendly town.

If the proposal is agreed upon, the pedestrian area would be from the Church Street and Greyfriars Garden junction to the fountain area.

Mr Thomas said, “Parking is just one of the issues – there are many more – and that’s why I’m keen to hear the views of residents and businesses.”


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