Body confidence takes centre stage at Label 2018

Bri Paterson attends the final Label Fashion Show at Rufflets, St Andrews


Last Friday in the Rufflets Hotel just outside of St Andrews a select few were privy to one of the most beautiful and iconic fashion shows that St Andrews has to offer. For those who don’t know, Label is one of the few events in St Andrews where lumps, bumps and *gasp* even an unwaxed bikini line can be spotted. Touting the importance of inclusivity and body positivity in fashion Label is hear to speak for the underrepresented in this town. Even in such a progressive town like St Andrews it’s a brave move sending a man down the catwalk in drag, unless it’s dragwalk of course.

However sending a man down in women’s underwear is a new high, and was met with cheers throughout the room. I have to say, without making a pun, the balls on that guy (Sebastian Taylor) are massive to do that so credit to him, as well as credit to the show for putting him on. The show itself focused on displaying a journey through the closing, portraying light to dark and then to light again. This was done surprisingly successfully and the theme of ‘deconstructed fairytale’ was apparent throughout the show through the luxurious nature of the clothes. Even to the completely untrained and unfashionable eye it was easy to see the cohesiveness of the designers, and frequently they were paired so well together it was difficult to see where each designer ended and the next began.

There’s been a little bit of scandal regarding this years show due to a recent post to the Facebook page St Feudrews, where a supposed model posted anonymously calling out the committee for not being as inclusive as they publicise. Complaining that the committee has favoured size 8 brunettes rather than the diversity that they are marketed off, the model claimed she was forced to feel more self-conscious than she ever had before. Although I can’t speak for the way models are treated I have to say I somewhat concur with this statement. There were certainly a few models on the catwalk that would have fitted in at FS or Don’t Walk and it seemed uncomfortable to have them there. Yes Label advertises diversity, and this does include ‘traditionally’ pretty skinny girls, but I can’t help but feel these kinds of girls have enough places to fit in. Surely in the one show where alternative body types are celebrated it should just be alternative body types? Another qualm I had was that some of the clothing came off looking cheap under the intense glare of the public eye. While it was brilliant that the show was seated, it did mean that the audience got an eye-level look at the clothes, directly being able to see all loose hems and unfinished touches. The result was some of the clothes looked a bit unfinished, a bit messy and overall a little bit unfitting of the ‘Deconstructed Fairytale’ theme they set themselves.

However the committee and stylists managed to offset this by putting extra effort into the finishing touches of the outfit. The jewellery and makeup for each outfit was impeccable, meaning that even up close with less than perfect clothing the outfits still looked professional. Overall the show was a resounding success and I can’t say how happy I was to have attended. With such a good charitable message regarding their pairing with Room to Read, as well as such a good social message regarding diversity and equality it’s difficult to not get behind Label and want to support it.


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