Nick Farrer begins his manifesto with an honest admission of personal difficulties and states that he wants to leave the town in a better condition than when he arrived.

Particularly qualified for a Director of Wellbeing candidacy, Mr Farrer has served as Director of St Andrews Nightline; SRC Wellbeing Officer; Chairperson, Interim Chair, and member of the Wellbeing Subcommittee; Peer Support Coordinator; and Wellbeing Representative for the School of English. He also completed an internship with Student Services.


Mr Farrer promises to campaign for a mental health crisis team based in Fife, additional sexual health provisions, and a Night Bus service during revision and exams.

To combat harassment in the Union, Mr Farrer intends to collaborate with the DoEs and Got Consent on a campaign whereby bar and security staff are better equipped to help those in distress.

He also plans to combat predatory behaviour by landlords. He proposes by inviting Citizens Advice Bureau Outreach into the Union to give tenants specialised advice in fighting illegal behaviour.

Equal Opportunities

Mr Farrer’s vows to promote equal opportunities by supporting the Equal Opportunities Committee and the Cultural Societies Forum, as well as aiming to elevate voices of students from lower-income backgrounds.

To support these students, he intends to collaborate on solutions that redirect the Union’s investments and energy to make St Andrews more inclusive. It is unclear though how exactly he plans to do this, or how it will bring inclusivity.


Mr Farrer promises to hold councils “more accountable, accessible, and relevant to students” by creating an online channel to facilitate student proposals for motions to the Union, establishing monthly town halls with representatives, and introducing a motion for an SRC Member for Mental Health Awareness.

However, a similar motion was rejected in March 2017, when Nick Farrer was Wellbeing Officer, and there is no indication of how this new motion would differ or alleviate the previous issues, and more clarity on this new motion is necessary.

To ensure communication with students, he promises that his DoWell office would “always have an open door policy to everyone.”

Final Analysis

Nick Farrer appears to be an appropriate and experienced candidate for the role of DoWell, with many ideas based on his own hardships.

Whilst some stances for ensuring wellbeing are clearly thought out, others, such as his intentions to assure equal opportunities through increasing inclusivity, are tenuous and imprecise.


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